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BSBWOR301: James and Jeremy Run a Physical Activity Program for Children: Organise Personal Work Priorities and Development Assignment, VU, Australia

Case Study One

James and Jeremy run a physical activity program for children aged 6-11 years after school for a community organization. James is always at work 20 minutes before he starts. He uses this time to check on any new staff information on the staff noticeboard, re-check his next work shifts and peruse any messages relating to him in the staff communication book.

Jeremy is meant to start at the same time as James. He is always running late on Wednesday as he has a gym class just before he starts work. He arrives at work just as children begin to arrive. Jeremy is in such a rush that he doesn’t have time to eat lunch before his shift.

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Jeremy has several tasks allocated to him today. He has difficulty finding time to complete any of them or to set up the outside area for the afternoon. James has completed all the tasks set for him and begins to support them to apply sunscreen and help the younger children put their running shoes on.

Jeremy doesn’t like being on the same shift as James as he feels James tries to show him up. James often finds it hard to work with Jeremy as he is always running late, and the program suffers. The children are still waiting for Jeremy to finish setting up outside. James has great difficulty understanding why Jeremy cannot be better organized in his work.

  1. What strategies could Jeremy use to increase his effectiveness at completing his duties to the standard expected during his shift?
  2. Effectively using time management which means good communication, problem-solving, being flexible and using tools such as notes or to-do lists and strategize minimalizing wasting time
  3. Good communication- talking with James about what needs to be completed and what he is struggling to complete.
  4. Problem-solving- considering what needs to be done and how it can be done quicker.
  5. Being flexible- possibly having to rearrange his gym class and schedule it for another time. So that he can be early for work
  6. Using tools such as notes to complete what needs to be done and plan what tasks are the most important.

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Case Study Two

The service manager advises you, the Lead Educator, that she observed Kylie, an Assistant Educator, supervising the toddlers in the bathroom. During that observation, Kylie does not wash her own hands correctly as per the services handwashing procedure. To assist Kylie, you provide her with this development plan to promote her revising her handwashing procedure.

Goal Execute a proper handwashing procedure
Plan of action

List steps to implement

Resources needed Handwashing posters and blue tack
Review plan
Consider at the review with Kylie, you identified that now she is using the correct procedure however not always at the appropriate times.

What adjustments could Kylie make to her plan?

Make plan adjustments

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