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CHCECE011 Provide Experience to Support Children’s Play and Learning Practice Assessment Answer

CHCECE011 Provide Experience to Support Children’s Play and Learning Practice is a certification course in which the students gain knowledge about support children’s play and learning. Basically, under this course, you study all the basic skills that you may need for supporting children in playing and learning. But this course is not limited to classroom learning and you need to prepare the CHCECE011 Assessment Answers.

The students are given several tasks and activities in the form of the CHCECE011 Assessment. Although this course is popular in Australia, most of the students are found in the stress of finding the right CHCECE011 Provide Experience to Support Children’s Play and Learning Practice Assessment Answers.

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CHCECE011 Provide Experience to Support Children’s Play and Learning Practice Assessment Course Detail

CHCECE011 Assessment covers a lot in it. But the entire assessment revolves around one thing that is welfare and growth of children. After completing the assessment the student will gain insight knowledge of how to create an environment where children can play.

Also, the students will learn more about supporting children’s play and learning. At last, students will know how to facilitate children’s play, learning, and physical activity.

Our expert childcare writers have put an effort and made a list of questions that generally the students are not able to answer. Along with the list of questions, our experts are also sharing the approaches to answer every question. These approaches will not only help you in answering the listed questions, but you will get an idea to answer every question related to CHCECE011 Assignments.

 CHCECE011 Assessment Questions

  1. Define play-based learning concerning the early years learning framework (ELYF)?
  2. Explain ways in which play is considered as a context for learning?
  3. Make a list of already 5 types of social plays developed by a theorist named Mildred Parten. Also, describe the same.
  4. Give suitable examples of play for each of these categories:
  • sensory motors
  • constructive
  • dramatic
  • imaginative
  • games with rules
  1. List 10 safety issues that should be taken into consideration when setting up an environment in a way that is safe, non-threatening, challenging, and stimulating.

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Approaches Explained By Australia Assignment Help To Solve Above Questions

The approach used to answer question 1 of the CHCECE011 assessment. When the students are asked to define play-based learning, they need to keep a few elements in mind. The elements include:

  1. ) Create an environment for play
  2. ) Support children’s play and learning
  3. ) Facilitate children’s play

These three are the basic elements that every student studying this course must know. Make sure that you write the definition according to the early years learning framework (EYLF) only.

The approach used to answer CHCECE011  assessment question 2  

If the student is not familiar with all the terms related to learning and learning environment for children, he will not able to relate in what ways play is a context for learning. Students must know that children learn a lot while playing.
They use their experience to learn anything new and for them, everything is a play. To attempt this question, you need to write all the ways that show a relationship between play and learning.

The approach used to answer assessment 3

The question is related to a theorist- Mildred Parten. In this type of question, you need to have a good knowledge of all the saying of the theorist.
You should know what all he has included in his theories so that you can answer the question in the CHCECE011 assessment unit appropriately. You have to list and describe the social play one by one in this answer. Five social play according to the theorist are:

  • Unoccupied
  • Solitary
  • Look at others
  • Parallel
  • Co-operative

The approach used to answer CHCECE011 question 4

Answering a question that asked for some examples is never an easy one. To provide an example for every category of play, you need to have proper knowledge of the insight into these categories. Before writing the example for every category, read the categories thoroughly. You must give at least 4 to 5 examples for each category.

The approach used to answer question 5

In this question, you have to list 10 safety issues that you need to consider when you are creating an environment for children to play. You need to have proper knowledge of child-centered curriculum, variety of play and rest areas, all the policies and procedures required for the safety, different equipment, and play material which will not harm the children.

There are many such safety issues that you need to keep in mind while attempting this question.
Till now you must be clear that making the CHCECE011 Report is not an easy task as you need to cover a lot of policies and procedures while writing the answer. So, the task of writing CHCECE011 Answers can be given to the professionals.

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