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FINA600 Financial Management Assessment Answer

TAFE Assessment Cover SheetThe study of a management course gives a student in-depth knowledge and experiences of a managing professional in the early stages of the university life of a student.

By completing assignments FINA600: Financial Management assessment in Australia students can learn about the challenges faced by Financial management professionals.

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Learning outcomes of FINA600: Financial Management Assessment

After completing the FINA600 Assessment Answer you will be able to:

  • Develop an understanding of key theories and principles of financial management within varying contexts.
  • The role and content of each of the four main financial statements as sources of quantitative data and their impact on business decision making can be critically evaluated by the students.
  • The range of issues in the different types of funding can be investigated and evaluated by a student.
  • Budgets and their impact on long and short-term business decisions can be understood and evaluated by a student.
  • Critical analysis of financial statements can be done by a student by using effective strategies. They can apply accountancy information for informed managerial decision making.

This assignment aims to allow you to apply the knowledge and skills acquired in FINA600: Financial Management to a practical task, using real-world accounting information.

Tasks to complete in FINA600: Financial Management Assessment

While preparing this assessment you have to complete the following task:

In the first task

Students have to apply the principles of financial management.

In the second task

As a source of quantitative data students has to evaluate the role of each financial statement, and how it impacts a business decision.

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The third task

For a student is to investigate and evaluate budgets and the impact of budgets on long term business decisions.
In the final step application of accountancy information for informed managerial decision making using effective strategies, students have to analyze the financial statements.

*Note while preparing the FINA600
Financial Management Assessment students have to mention and explain the major concepts of financial management: focusing on cash management, planning and forecasting, accurate financial reporting and analyzing the capital structure.

  • Focusing on cash management

A broad area of finance involving the collection, handling, and usage of cash is referred to as Cash Management. The most important part of cash management is managing account payable and receivable.

  • Planning and Forecasting

The planning includes the forecasting of expenses, revenues, and net profit of a company.

  • Accurate Financial Reporting

To ensure decisions and help in running the organization effectively the business owners and their management team need accurate reports on regular intervals. Identification of the information and data that the owner requires for decision making is done by the team members who are responsible for financial management.

  • Analyzing the capital structure

The newer company needs more capital infusions to expand its fund as the company grows. They generally require outside capital from venture capital firms or from wealthy individuals to fund their company.
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