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HS3011 Information Security Assessment Answer -Holmes Institute Australia

Case Project 1:

Load-Balancing Algorithms

Different algorithms are used to make decisions on load balancing. These include random allocation, round-robin, weighted round-robin, round-robin DNS load balancing, and others. Use the Internet to research load-balancing algorithms. Create a table that lists at least five algorithms and their advantages and disadvantages. Do any of these algorithms compromise security? Write a half-page paper on your research.

Case Project2:

Data Loss Prevention Comparison

Research at least four different data loss prevention (DLP) products from four different vendors. Create a table that compares at least six different functions and options. Based on your research which would you choose? What features make this product the optimum? Why? Write a short paragraph that summarizes your research.

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Case Project3:

Software-Defined Network (SDN)

Use the Internet to research software-defined networks (SDN). How do they function? What are their features? What are the advantages of each type? What are the disadvantages? Create a table comparing SDNs with traditional networks. If you were to recommend an SDN for your school or business, what would be the reason(s)?

Case Project4:

Securing Email

Use the Internet to research different options for encrypting and securing email. Create a table that lists at least five options. Include the advantages and disadvantages of each. Which would you recommend? Why? Write a one-paragraph explanation along with your table.

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