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MGT604 Organizational Behavior Management Assessment Answer

TAFE Assessment Cover Sheet - nswOrganizational behavior is a crucial subject in management. This subject is mainly taught to the students to make them understand the behavior of employees and employers within the organization. It also teaches the roles of the individual in an organization.

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MGT604 Organizational Behavior Management Assignment Answer

MGT604 organizational behavior course major study outcomes

The study states that the organization gets benefits from the cross-culture working under the same roof. This would also help in understanding the thought process of the individual as well as the group of people working under the same roof. All these things are possible only when they understand the opportunities which they may get in moving across the globe with the same feature of cross-culture.

The study also states that how this cultural factor may help the organization to spread not only it’s operation but also the production in many countries.

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MGT604 Organizational behavior course facts and reviews

Every management students who are pursuing their graduation and post-graduation has to study this course as well. This course will help the students to understand the theories as well as the applications applied to understand the behavior of employees. All the questions which are given in the above case can be answered using the unique features of organizational behavior such as,

  1. It is a separate field of study, not a disciplined study
  2. An interdisciplinary Strategy
  3. It is a normative science
  4. It is also an applied science
  5. A humanistic and favorable approach

So, these are consumer behavior features that are used to answer every question.

Question 1. Analyze and interpret the diverse socio-cultural context in which a global company operates?

Working in that Organisation in which more than one cultural employees work is a great opportunity as well as the benefit of an organization because every employee is a precious asset for the profitability of the company. Their thoughts and their view of production, distribution, and offering service may be different from those companies who are working in a single culture.

This social-cultural context creates a benefit for an organization in terms of opportunities for moving to different countries and spreading the business all over the world. It eliminates the boundaries and barriers of doing business and offers services in multiple countries and opening its operational units as well. But the responsibility of the management is to explain the culture, the working environment, and the requirement of the business in the country in which the business is situated.

Question 2. Analyze and compare organizational behavior across countries and cultures?

This is one of the most asked questions by the universities to the management students in the MGT604 organizational behavior assignments for which The Scholars take help from experts. Our experts are having the skills, knowledge, understanding of the subject matter which helps them in delivering the correct answers to the questions for this management subject.

Every organization has a different culture of working so it is very much difficult to comment on the organizational behavior across the countries.

But if we talk about a single organization which is operating in different countries then it would be somehow easy to protect their methods of working in different cultures and different countries.

Google is a bigger brand that is a multinational company having its operation in almost every country. So their working, atmosphere, and culture are almost the same across the globe.

Question 3. Critically evaluate major cultural attributes, including communication styles, inform management decision making?

In multinational companies, you can easily find that multiple cultures. Sometimes it is very beneficial for the company to have those cross-cultural attributes working in an organization that help them in making their operation easy.

The major cultural attributes include the dress style, communication style, law, and social attribute.

But with the help of other organizational behavior theories, one can arrive at the final decision of the company. But our assessment experts are familiar with these theories and other attributes that help them in delivering good quality work to the students as required by the University.

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