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SITXMGT002: Select 3 Suppliers Of Goods And Services Relevant To Your Area Of Work: Establish And Conduct Business Relationships Assignment, FU, Australia


Your Tasks

Select 3 suppliers of goods and services relevant to your area of work (e.g. Food and Beverage, Cookery, Events, Tourism, Administration, or similar) who currently supply your organization (for example meat, fruit and vegetables, stationery, cleaning services, laundry services, beverages, insurance, etc.)

1. List the suppliers you have selected and describe the products or services they currently provide you with

Supplier 1:

Products or services provided:

Supplier 2:

Products or services provided:

Supplier 3:

Products or services provided:

2. List the key performance indicators/specifications that are required for the supply of each product or service from each supplier.

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3. Research alternative suppliers for each supplier you have listed in Question 1, and obtain an alternative quote for each supplier you currently use, based on the key performance indicators/specifications you have identified in Question 2.

4. Once you have received the 3 quotes, compare these with the existing supplier provisions and attach a summary that outlines the advantages and disadvantages for:

A) Quality

B) Prices

C) Payment conditions

D) Service provisions

E) Reliability

F) Specific needs of your organizations (quantities, $ terms, purchasing power, etc.)

5. Based on your comparison, write a recommendation for whether one or several new suppliers (s) should be considered to replace any of the existing ones. Which aspects will need to be negotiated specifically where one or several new suppliers are considered or re-negotiated where existing suppliers are preferred.

6. How are the relationships with existing suppliers managed in your organization? What does this entail in terms of communication, monitoring, and provisions to overcome supply or service issues? What are your recommendations based on existing provisions in place (or where these do not or only partially exist)?

7. Where actual negotiation will take place as a result of the aspects you have identified in Question 5, you will be observed conducting these negotiations for Part B of this assessment project.


Where your organization’s policies and procedures prevent you from negotiating or re-negotiating, you will be observed conducting negotiations in a simulated environment in Part B of this assessment project, based on the factors you have identified in Question 5.

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