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About Australian National University:

The Australian National University was established on 1st August 1946 by the Federal Parliament. A bill was passed by the Federal Parliament at that time to establish this university.

At the time when it was established the ANU offers only postgraduate courses to the students. In 1960, it started offering graduate courses to its students.

Moreover, The Australian National University has its own base in Canberra. It is at the highest level in the country and offers many programs to international students.

It has a lot of courses and programs according to today’s needs for national and international students.

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The Australian National University has twenty thousand students in today’s time and has a staff of four thousand students.

In 2013, the Australian National University was ranked 27th by the QS World. It has five campuses in Australia as mentioned below:

  • Heart of Canberra (the Australian Capital Territory)
  • Kioloa Coastal Campus (south coast of New South Wales)
  • Mount Stromlo Observatory, which has a School of Astronomy and Astrophysics
  • North Australia Research Unit Campus
  • Siding Spring Observatory

List of 7 Academic colleges under the Australian National University:

  • ANU College of Arts and Social Sciences
  • College of Asia and the Pacific, ANU
  • ANU College of Business & Economics
  • College of Engineering and Computer Science, ANU
  • ANU College of Health and Medicine
  • College of Law, ANU
  • ANU College of Science

Courses Offered By Australia National University :

The Australian National University offers many courses to the students. As well as it offers courses in different subjects. Namely:

  • Arts, Society and Culture
  1. Arab and Islamic Studies
  2. Ancient Greek
  3. Arts, Asia Pacific Studies
  • Business and Commerce
  1. Applied Economics
  2. Accounting
  3. Business Information Systems
  • Engineering and Computer Science
  1.  Artificial Intelligence
  2. Algorithms and Data
  3. Environmental Engineering

In addition to the above courses, the ANU also offers courses, For Instance, Associate General Studies, Pacific Studies, Archaeology, Sociology, etc by the College of Gender Institute.

It offers postgraduate, undergraduate, and graduates research. Sexuality and Culture is also a course in ANU.

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