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Immerse yourself in learning at Murdoch university

Murdoch University was established in 1973. The university is situated in Perth, Western Australia. Murdoch University is named after si Walter Murdoch, University of Western Australia’s former chancellor. The University has three campuses in Australia at the south street, Rockingham, and Mandurah campus. Murdoch University ranks among the top 500 universities in the world according to various esteemed organizations.

Educational programs at Murdoch University

Murdoch University offers many types of courses in different study areas. Some of the study areas are Business and law, creative arts and communications, Business, health, science, teaching, technology, and lots more.

Some courses at Murdoch University with codes

B1391 Bachelor of Agricultural science
B1356 Bachelor of Arts
B1367 Bachelor of Business
B1392 Bachelor of Commerce
B1345 Bachelor of criminology
B1390 Bachelor of information technology

C1106 Graduate certificate in business administration
C1107 Graduate certificate in community development
C1111 Graduate certificate in counselling
C1137 Graduate certificate in Energy and carbon studies
C1127 Graduate certificate in environmental science
C1143 Graduate certificate in Public Administration

D1017 Doctor of Education
D1059 Doctor of information technology
D1068 Doctor of philosophy

Our services cover all types of courses that are offered at Murdoch University. Even if you don’t see your course listed above, we got you covered.

Murdoch University assessment policy

Assessments help the teachers to test and determine the learning ability of the students. There are various types of assessments at Murdoch university such as diagnostic assessments, formative, summative, individual, and group assessments. provide help in completing all types of assessment listed above. Some types of assignment help we provide are essay writing, dissertation, thesis, Murdoch university assignment cover sheet, cover page, and a lot more.

Grading system at Murdoch University

HD- High Distinction:  80-100%
D- Distinction: 70-79%
C- Credit: 60-69%
P- Pass: 50-59%
N- Fail: below 59%

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Q1. What is trimester at Murdoch university?
Ans. Murdoch University offers flexible learning programs. Trimester divides a year into 3 parts and helps you to complete your course sooner.

Q2. Can you help with my online exam?
Ans. Yes, we do provide help in all types of online exams taken by Murdoch university such as quiz, online tests, timed online exams, etc.

Q3. What is my Murdoch?
Ans. myMurdoch is an online portal of Murdoch university. the portal allows the students to keep their course information and other universities related info in one place.