1599EDN: Create a 5-minute Video Presentation Using Arts Examples made by Indigenous Peoples: World Indigenous Knowledges Assignment, GU, Australia

University Griffith University
Subject 1599EDN: World Indigenous Knowledges

Assignment Information

Title: “Learning through Arts practices”

Task Description:

Throughout the course, we demonstrate that Arts practices are a powerful way for us to learn and teach about Indigenous Knowledge and the ways that we come to understand our relationships with others, how identities are constructed, represented, and challenged. This task allows you to demonstrate your understanding of the relationship between arts, teaching, learning, and Indigenous Knowledge.

For this assessment task you are going to:

Part 1: Video Presentation

Create a 5-minute video presentation using arts examples made by Indigenous peoples (international, national, or local) that you will use to teach your peers about one particular concept (relevant to your 1599EDN course). Arts examples could include one or two of the following: song; dance; poetry; spoken word; visual art forms (painting/sculpture, etc.); acting. Make sure we can see your face for three minutes.

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Part 2: Script and Annotated Bibliography

You must submit a script and an annotated bibliography of resources (min. five scholarly resources) such as your text and our scholarly articles to help inform your discussion and improve upon your peers’ understanding of your selected concept. You may still include relevant educational videos and/or websites of relevant community-based organizations but you must include an annotated bibliography of five scholarly resources. Each annotated reference is to be approx 100 words. An explanation and example of an Annotated Bibliography are provided in the document entitled ‘Script Template for 1599EDN A3’ below, so please make sure you have a look at this for guidance.

Part 3: Peer Evaluations

Using the template provided, provide a written evaluation of TWO of the three assessment videos provided within our assessment folder. Next, you are to write a short (max 250-word reflection piece) on the Indigenous Four Rs Framework and how you might put into practice ONE of the following categories (Respect; Responsibility; Relevance; Reciprocity) within your classroom.

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