A Critical Analysis Of The Concept Of The Guest Experience In The Academic Literature: Guest Experience Assignment, TU, Australia

University Torrens University
Subject Guest Experience

Task Summary

This assessment task requires you to write a 2,500-word report based on the provided case study on a hotel guest experience. As the case study changes each term your hotel type, category and location will change accordingly. This assessment task requires you to provide:

  • A critical analysis of the concept of the guest experience in the academic literature
  • An application of these theories in the hotel context through the analysis of the guest experience created at the case study hotel.
  • The creation of visual elements (infographics, mood boards ) that summarise the analysis of the case study.

Please refer to the “Context” section for further explanations and to the “Task Instructions” section for details on how to complete this task.

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Hospitality is nearly as old as humanity. From providing a basic hospitable environment and simple amenities to guests, hotels are now aiming at staging memorable experiences. Due to the continuous shift in guest expectations, hotels are constantly evolving. The hotel industry has moved from meeting the need for a clean room and quality service to now staging personalized, unique, and authentic experiences that engage the guests in a personal way. Experiences are now used by hotel providers as a key competitive differentiator. For this reason staging, co-creating, and managing guest experiences is a business imperative for hoteliers.

This assessment allows future hospitality professionals to explore the guest experience from the perspective of both guests and hosts. Firstly, it encourages you to reflect on the complex and multidimensional concept of the guest experience. Secondly, it allows you to analyze the guest journey holistically and the various operational levels embedded in each experience touchpoint.

Lastly, the case study allows you to critically reflect on the crucial role hotel operators have in staging, managing, and co-creating quality experiences with their guests, and the challenges entrenched in this process. The purpose of this assessment is to also allow you to improve your academic writing skillset and become more familiar with visual communication tools, important skills in a business environment.

Please refer to the case study provided to you at the beginning of the term for additional insights into your assessment context.

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