BIZ104: Compare And Contrast The Emerging Concepts And Practices That Underpin: Customer Experience Management Assignment, RMIT, Australia

University RMIT University
Subject BIZ104: Customer Experience Management

Learning Outcomes: 

a) Compare and contrast the emerging concepts and
practices that underpin the customer experience

b) Apply the influence of perception to the customer
experience of service delivery


a. Briefly introduce your experience and discuss at least 3 “touchpoints”.

b. Discuss the thoughts/actions you took during your customer journey (before, during, and after), i.e. how you reacted to the positives and negatives moments of truth)

c. Apply at least 3 CEM concepts/theories in your customer journey discussion.

d. Use Proto-persona profiles to illustrate you relative to your customer experiences. Identify pain points, and needs, and goals.

e. Compare and contrast the two customer experiences and reflect, by providing examples, on what makes a good customer experience, i.e. why the positive experience was good? Why the negative experience was bad? What would have made the negative experience a good one? What are the main differences between positive and negative experiences?

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