BSBCUS301: List The Main Areas Of Customer Service Delivery That Are Critical To The Success: Deliver And Monitor A Service To Customers Case Study, VU, Australia

University Victoria University [VU]
Subject BSBCUS301: Deliver And Monitor A Service To Customers

Task 1

List the main areas of customer service delivery that are critical to the success of the dental practice. To help with this task imagine you are a customer of Bright White Smiles. Think about the type of service you would expect from the business and staff and also what kind of situations would make you unhappy with their service.

Task 2a – Customer feedback

Taking into consideration the points identified in Task 1, design a personalized survey to help measure customer satisfaction.  You can use the Customer Feedback Form template which can be downloaded with this assessment design on your own.  The survey may also cover other areas in regard to the dental practices’ level of customer service, identification of customer/patient needs, and overall satisfaction in service delivery.  Keep questions in line with workplace policy and procedures.

Task 2b-e:  Surveying customers, obtaining feedback, and report writing

  1. Use the Customer Feedback Form you have created in Task 2a to obtain feedback from 5of the dental practice patients/customers. This forms part of your practical observation task that must be demonstrated in front of your workplace supervisor.
  2. Describe the method and frequency of regularly distributing this to customers/patients.
  3. Record and interpret the survey results to produce a Service Delivery report which identifies the service delivery aspects surveyed, the survey results/data, and key findings and recommends ways to improve the service delivery or build on the strengths at Bright White Smiles. Ensure the report is clear and detailed and in line with organizational and legislative requirements.
  4. Develop a plan for the ongoing of monitoring service delivery effectiveness and regularly review customer/patient satisfaction.

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Task 3 – Create a customer service guide

Following on from the recent increase in complaints and the findings of the Service Delivery Report, the Practice Manager at Bright White Smiles has requested that you develop a customer service guide of approximately 500 words, that outlines the expectations of the Dental Practice’s Reception and Customer/patient contact staff in providing a service to customers/patients over the phone and face to face.

The guide should reflect an understanding of the critical customer service aspects identified in Task 1 and the results of Task 2d Service Delivery Report.  You must demonstrate how your team can apply these in a practical situation by using examples.

The guide should cover:

  • Organizational and legal requirements in customer service
  • Interpersonal skills and establishing rapport
  • Identify and clarify customer needs and expectations
  • Addressing specific needs
  • Assessing the urgency of customer request
  • How to determine priorities for delivery of the service
  • Seek appropriate assistance from other personnel when required.
  • Offering information about suggesting alternative choices
  • Dealing with customer complaints and responding in writing
  • Finding opportunities to promote and enhance services and products to customers

Quality outcomes

Ensure the following for your submission:

  • It is grammatically correct.
  • It is error-free.
  • It is written in simple English.
  • It comprises an average of 15 words for each sentence.
  • There are separate paragraphs for each new content/topic or discussion. Include references to relevant legislation, which must be defined.

Attach any models, tools, or resources that could be used in an organization to improve the case study situations presented.

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