BSBITU313: Set Up Your Desk Ergonomically Before You Commence: Design And Produce Digital, DU, Australia

University Deakin University
Subject BSBITU313: Design And Produce Digital

Task 1:

Set up your desk ergonomically before you commence. In preparation for creating any work, it is important to set up your desk ergonomically. Follow the guidance notes provided in the Learner Guide to set up your desk, phone, keyboard, mouse, screen, chair, and posture before commencing.

You are to complete the Ergonomic checklist provided with this assessment. It is to be submitted with your other project documents.

Task 2:

Design a newsletter for your chosen business, using Microsoft Word or MS Publisher in the Publishing Layout view. You may choose one of the following businesses:

Angel Fashion House

A boutique fashion design outlet that makes custom garments to order for their clients, women aged 20-40 years old.

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Recipe Bloggers United

An online service supporting bloggers with a focus on cooking and recipe sharing. Demographic: Male and female 25-45 years old.

Lorum Ipsum is Latin for, non-sense text that fills a space. The Lorem Ipsum document is filled with Latin language text that is to be used as a space-filler in your Newsletter. Your task is to create the layout for the Newsletter including the specific elements in the above list and not to write the articles, however, you may do so if you wish. Therefore the Lorem Ipsum can be copied and paste to hold the space in preparation for the text at a later time.

Make sure the page layout is set to A4 Borderless. You may also need to go into the print settings (File>Print) to select A4, and set the border option to none. This way your newsletter will keep any design elements that go to the edge of the page.

Task 3: – Observation Checklist

This task is to be completed while you are completing Task 1 and Task 2. Your supervisor will observe you while you are working. Please ensure the Observation and Ergonomic Checklist are both completed. It is important that the Supervisor can see you have set up your desk and created your Newsletter.

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