CHCDIV001: In Your Own Words Briefly Discuss Cultural Awareness Cultural Safety And Cultural Competence: Work With Diverse People Assignment, VU, Australia

University Victoria University [VU]
Subject CHCDIV001: Work with diverse people

Learners should answer ALL questions in as much detail as required.

Question 1 A

In your own words briefly discuss cultural awareness, cultural safety, and cultural competence.

Cultural awareness:

Question 1 B

Reflect and list four (4) of your cultural or social values. Using this list identify any two (2) of the four (4) biases that could emerge from your values to influence your thinking or work role.

Cultural or social values:


Question 1 C

Identify five (5) steps you could take in your practice as part of your role to support cultural awareness, cultural safety, and cultural competence?

Question 2 A

Identify three (3) practices that can support the creation of a culturally safe environment for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people.

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Question 3 A

List three (3) pieces of legislation or policies that have a significant impact on the lives and wellbeing of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people, e.g. Stolen Generation Policy 1890-1970.

Question 4 A

Briefly research and discuss your understanding of diversity in an Australian context.

Question 4 B

Briefly explain (1-2 sentences) six (6) different types of diversity and their characteristics:

Social and economic class

Question 4 C

Religion and politics

Question 4 D

Sexuality and gender

Question 4 E

Disabilities and Neurodiversity

Question 4 F


Question 4 G

Culture, race, and ethnicity

Question 5 A

Briefly discuss your understanding of the differences between the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander family groups (or clans) and nations?

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Question 6 A

Australia is a large multi-cultural Western country. Using your Learner Guide, respond to the following questions:

List two (2) political decisions and policies that can influence many Australians in their individual and professional work lives.

Question 6 B

Identify two (2) potential socio-economic impacts of diversity on individuals personally or in their work lives.

Question 6 C

List three (3) ways Australia has changed due to cultural diversity.

Question 7 A

What is the name of the declaration adopted by the United Nations to prevent racial discrimination?

Question 7 B

List four (4) calls for action that was a result of this declaration.

Question 7 C

What are the names of the state and national acts that regulate and enforce anti-discrimination action for two (2) of the following:

  • Age
  • Disability
  • Racial
  • Sexual discrimination

Question 7 D

Conduct some research and briefly explain the consequence of a breach that has occurred due to discrimination based on age, sex, race, or disability.

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Question 8 A

In relation to human rights and human needs:

  1. What are the four basic human needs?
  2. What is the aim of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights (UDHR)?
  3. In your own words, explain the human rights PANEL principle

Question 8 B

Clients, employers, and employees all have rights and responsibilities to uphold a safe and inclusive workplace.

Question 9 A

Identify four (4) groups that are considered marginalized in the Australian community?

Question 9 B

Identify and briefly discuss 2 negative impacts that marginalized groups could face.

Question 9 C

Identify four (4) examples of protective factors?

Question 10 A

Briefly discuss how language and cultural interpreters can be of benefit and encourage diversity?

Question 10 B

Explain why it is important to use imagery and how this embraces diversity?

Question 11 A

In 100 words discuss the impact of European settlement on Australian Indigenous communities. In your response, mention the impacts in relation to the loss of the land and the impacts of racism/discrimination.

Question 11 B

In relation to what you have researched in the previous question, consider Western systems and power relations that have impacted Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples and provide a brief outline (1-2 sentences) of these impacts either positive or negative within your research findings.

You may consider issues such as land rights, the stolen generation, voting rights amongst others.

Question 12 A

Your own culture and Western systems and structures influence the engagement of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people with community services, such as health services.

Briefly discuss four (4) factors in relation to this statement.

Question 13 A

List four (4) methods or resources that could be used for services and programs to increase Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people’s decision-making, communication, and participation.

Question 13 B

How can Aboriginal and/or Torres Strait Islander people’s feedback be used in the ongoing improvement of cultural safety strategies? Please list 4 points.

Question 13 C

What are two (2) other opportunities to engage with and empower Indigenous Australians to support the improvement and delivery of services and programs?

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