Explain The Philosophy Underpinning Gestalt Therapy With Reference: Gestalt Therapy Assignment, VU, Australia

University Victoria University [VU]
Subject Gestalt Therapy


1. Explain the philosophy underpinning Gestalt Therapy, with reference to the concept of foreground and background.

2. Explain the use and aim of the Gestalt Techniques of (a) The Empty Chair and (b) Role Play.

3. Explain the Gestalt concept of mindfulness.

4. Define Rogerian Therapy, with reference to client-centered therapy.

5. Explain the concepts of self-perception and congruence as they relate to Rogerian Therapy.

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6. Explain and describe one (1) of the six conditions for effective person-centered therapy.

7. If implementing Rogerian Therapy philosophies in practice, should you challenge a client whose goals are obviously irrational? Why / why not?

8. Explain the role of narratives in healing in terms of the mind/body connection.

9. Explain your understanding of the role of metaphor in the narrative as a healing tool.

10. Use the narrative for insomnia, either on yourself or a volunteer. In 100 words, describe the physical and psychological effects of this treatment tool.

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