Finance Assessment Task – University of Australia

Part A: Essay-style Discussion Questions
Please answer each of the discussion questions below in the context of this unit and from a finance and personal finance perspective.
1. Discuss the concept of the risk-return trade-o and how it may apply in different circumstances. (12 marks)
2. Outline the risk-reduction benefits of diversification of an investment portfolio. In your answer, briefly discuss how portfolio diversification works in principle to minimize overall investment risk. (12 Marks)
3. Identify and briefly discuss three different debt products appropriate for different situations. What is the difference between secured and unsecured debt? (12 Marks)
4. What is the purpose and use of personal financial statements and budgets for successful financial planning and wealth management? (12 Marks)
5. Discuss the importance of appropriate and adequate insurance in financial planning. (12 Marks)

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Part B: Calculation Questions
In answering each of the calculation questions below, please show all formulas and workings and/or explain approaches and steps taken.
1. Compare the performance of the two equity funds (Fund A and Fund B), based on the information given below. (20 Marks)

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