Italy, a Nation of 60 million, Now Accounts for more than a Third of the World’s Coronavirus: Public Law Assignment, BAC,Malaysia

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Learning Objectives

  • This coursework test students’ understanding and appreciation of the law as it requires students to read, understand, summarize, and extract the important issues from actual cases.
  • This coursework tests students’ research abilities as a good answer will require students to look into the actual wording of the legislation, the Hansard, other research papers behind the provisions, books and actual cases, and keep all of this current.
  • Multiple secondary sources of the law need to be looked into for the students to gather the required information.
  • There is a word limit imposed. This will encourage students to articulate themselves in a concise and precise manner, thus developing a very important and useful skill every legal practitioner needs.
  • The main ideas that go into this coursework are available in any reference book. It simply is a matter of understanding the question and framing the coursework strategically.

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Coursework Question

1. Italy, a nation of 60 million, now accounts for more than a third of the world’s coronavirus deaths. It has a death rate of 8.6 percent among confirmed Covid-19 infections, significantly higher than in most other countries.

2. France, Italy, Spain and other European countries have ordered people to stay at home, threatening fines in some cases, while Bavaria became the first region in Germany to order a

3. Britain imposed a lockdown three weeks ago in a bid to curb the spread of the virus and the government has come under increasing pressure to detail how long the strict measures on movements would last, with people forced to stay at home and many businesses unable to

4. Australia has not yet reached the Covid-19 peak, and experts say if Australia comes out of isolation too early they risk a devastating second wave;

5. US-Mexico border was deserted as a shutdown took effect;

6. Cases stand at more than 12,000 across Africa, where health care systems are fragile and social distancing is difficult in many crowded cities.

7. COVID-19 cases totaled 4530 in Malaysia., which include 73 deaths; and

8. India’s Prime Minister Narendra Modi is set to extend the world’s biggest pandemic lockdown for two weeks after talks on 11th of April 2020 on the growing fallout in the

The cornerstones of every democracy across the world have already been upturned by COVID-19: elections canceled; safeguards of individual liberty abandoned and the rule of law suspended. Civil liberties activists have expressed concerns governments could overstep their authorities as they enact extraordinary powers as they work to maintain order during the developing COVID-19 situation.

Governments must remain transparent and accountable for their actions. Those actions must be watchable for the rule of law under the Constitution to be maintained.

If the provisions of the Constitution be not upheld when they pinch as well as when they comfort, they may as well be abandoned.”

— Justice George Sutherland (1862-1942)-

Are constitutional rights, human rights and fundamental liberties of citizens being affected as a result of COVID-19?


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