Mechanism Of Action For Autophagy And How It Occurs: Ageing and Regenerative Medicine Essay, MU, Australia

University Monash University
Subject Ageing and Regenerative Medicine


  • What is autophagy,
  • What is degenerative disease?
  • What is the role of autophagy-related to degenerative disease?
  • Type of autophagy.
  • Write the aim of the essay at the end of the introduction(This essay provides an overview of the role of autophagy in degenerative disease, focusing particularly on the Role of Autophagy in Alzheimer disease and Osteoarthritis, and feel free to add another disease such as Parkinson )

 Main body:

  • 1 paragraph: about Mechanism of action for autophagy and how it occurs with diagram. (clear diagram from paper cite it)
  • 2 paragraphs: write in detail the Role of Autophagy in Neurodegenerative diseases such as Alzheimer’s disease and Parkinson’s disease in detail and support it with the study.
  • 1 paragraph: write in detail about the role of Autophagy in Osteoarthritis or any disease from the writer’s choice. And please discuss it in detail and support it with studies.
  • 1 or 2 paragraph: Therapeutic-all approach in autophagy.


write a summary of and future of autophagy.

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