MEM23130A: The Student Will Consider The Pilot AHU Located On The Mezzanine Floor: Coordinate Servicing And Fault-Finding Of HVACR Control Systems Case Study, VU, Australia

University Victoria University [VU]
Subject MEM23130A: Coordinate Servicing And Fault-Finding Of HVACR Control Systems

Case Study

The student will consider the Pilot AHU located on the Mezzanine floor of F block Carlisle Campus. Other systems will be designated by the lecturer.
The tasks below include practical tasks and are will be observed by the assessor.

Q. 1 Establish type, location, and scope of control systems for the HVAC/R plant

Q. 2 Identify stakeholders to be consulted during analysis and service

Q. 3 List functions and features of the HVAC/R system

Q. 4 Establish software and software techniques required for evaluation

Q. 5 Identify relevant WHS, regulatory, and environmental requirements Response.

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Q. 6 Investigate sustainability implications of HVAC/R control and energy management systems.

Q. 7 State passive characteristics, heat loads, and energy requirements for the HVAC/R systems Response.

Q. 8 State energy options, tariffs, system and component consumption against benchmarks, and comparative tariffs.

Q. 9 State scope of control system hardware, including controllers, analog and digital Input/Output (I/O), interfaces, and actuators, including electrical, electronic, pneumatic, and hydraulic devices.

Q. 10 Map and monitor HVAC/R control system, protocols, and topology, system function, control settings, I/O, and major system hardware components and energy requirements.

Q. 11 Identify building management system control system software and programming techniques.

Q. 12 List selection of tools, equipment, testing devices, and materials required for service and fault-finding.

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Q. 13 Determine required measurements and measurement techniques (tools required).

Q. 14 Write brief JSA to calibrate, set up, and test measurement equipment and procedures.

Q. 15 Identify appropriate analysis techniques, analysis, and simulation software, and software validation techniques.

Q. 16 Supervise measuring of the performance of the control system in maintaining specified environmental conditions – write a procedure for measuring air velocities at different damper settings, Supervise measurements.

Q. 17 Adjusted HVAC/R system to specification according to specifications and enterprise procedures – List what can be adjusted. Enter airflow setpoint.

Q. 18 Ensure isolation, repair, or replacement of components not performing to specification – Write isolation procedure for U/S fan.

Q. 19 Validate control programs and software for system performance and simulation Write a checklist based on the points list and possible states.

Q. 20 Write a JSA for testing or measuring on an electrically live system.

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