MGT501: Apply conceptual knowledge of reflective practice in a business context and Critically evaluate business principles and stakeholders: Business Environment Assignment, TUA, Australia

University Torrens University Australia (TUA)
Subject MGT501: Business Environment

Learning Outcomes:-

  • Apply conceptual knowledge of reflective practice in a business context.
  • Critically evaluate business principles and stakeholders’ viewpoints in global environments.


Self-reflection is a way of assessing yourself and understanding the reasons for your life experiences. It is about analyzing what you do, why you do it, and its future implications. Self-reflection also enhances self-awareness, which provides a solid basis for empathy and good leadership. Most importantly, it enables you to develop your skills, and ability to strengthen your reflective inquiries with theoretical evidence: theory-practice interface.

Therefore, this assessment provides you with an opportunity to formally reflect on your reasons for undertaking your course of study at Torrens University, and how it may help you develop professionally. In addition, it helps you to become aware of your thinking, through describing, analyzing, and evaluating your learning experiences.

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