SITEEVT002: You must successfully attempt each task and supply sufficient detail in your responses: Process and monitor event registrations Assignment, AU, Australia

University Australia Government (AU)
Subject SITEEVT002: Process and monitor event registrations

Assessment tasks

This assessment has two (2) reflective tasks to complete. To be deemed competent, you must successfully attempt each task and supply sufficient detail in your responses to allow the assessor to form an opinion as to your competence or otherwise

Part 1 

  1. Contact event organizations and arrange to either ‘Volunteer’ or ‘Work’ on TWO (2) different CATEGORIES/TYPES of events.

The events that you participate in must fall within the following categories:

  • Business or corporate
  • Community
  • Entertainment and leisure
  • Exhibitions, expositions, and fairs
  • Festivals
  • Fundraising
  • Government and civic
  • Meetings and conventions
  • Social
  • Sports
  1. In order to address the required aspects of the reflective task, you will need to gain experience assisting with the administration process required to process registration for TWO different upcoming events.

For each event, you are required to assist with the registration of six (6) different customers -from the first point of registration contact through to finalization of the registration. This process must include some form of reporting which can summarise the following information:

  • Breakdown of attendances per session, site, table, or venue
  • Payment status
  • Special requests
  • Characteristics of attendees
  • Numbers
  • Progress towards attendance expectations
  • Sources of registrations
  1. During this time, please ensure that you make notes about your experience so you can refer to these when completing your Reflective Task.

Part 2

  1. DESCRIBE your experience using the two (2) headings listed below. This will assist in creating a structure for your writing
  • Processing and administering the registration of six (6) different customers for each event.

Describe in detail the procedure that you followed when processing the event registrations for each of the six (6) different customers.

  • Producing reports for registrations for Event 1 and Event 2

Describe how you assisted with the production of reports to monitor and update the information listed below.

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