The Theme You Have Chosen For Your Two Biological Entities: Computer Science Assignment, SU, Australia

University Sydney University
Subject Computer Science

Client’s briefing

Today I’m going to tell you what we want to be delivered for the first installment. Ours is a data analytics company that is interested in the way communities of biological entities behave when carrying an infectious disease and when locked down in a confined area. To do this we need to visualize the movement and health status of such entities. Your job is to develop a program that takes data sets describing the entities’ behaviors under lockdown conditions and displays the data in a way that’s quick and easy for our analysts to interpret.

To get you started we’ve provided a template Python program that creates a drawing canvas. Your program must run on IDLE SHELL in a standard Python 3 environment with no extensions. You may not use any Python modules that need to be downloaded and installed separately, such as “Beautiful Soup” or “Pillow”. Only modules that are part of a standard Python 3 installation may be used.

When you first run it, you will see the following message in the shell window.

Fill in your name and student number up the top before the program will work.

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As you can see, the template creates lots of spaces for drawing symbols when the program runs. Each space is a square exactly 100 pixels wide and high. The complete drawing canvas is quite large, so you may need to adjust your computer’s display settings to allow it to fit on the screen.

We haven’t yet provided you with the function that creates the data sets, which is why you get the message “No data module available” in the shell window, however, you don’t need this module yet.

The final program will draw symbols throughout the grid and our data analysts must be able to recognize them quickly and easily wherever they appear. For now, all we want you to do is create the individual images. The images must show two distinct entities, and each entity must be shown in two different states, healthy and unwell, meaning you must draw four images in total. The two entities must be part of the same community, whether fictional or real, but you have a free choice of the overall theme linking them.

The solution must have the following features all of which you must include:

1. a) The theme you have chosen for your two “biological entities” is described in the drawing canvas’s title and on the canvas itself. The theme can be fictional or real, but the two entities must be likely to encounter one another in their normal environment.

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b) Each entity is shown in each of two states, healthy and unwell, and each entity is displayed on opposite sides of the canvas. These images must appear instead of the text placeholders and will serve as a legend to tell our data analysts what each symbol represents.

c) Each of the individual images has a brief caption, such as a description or quotation, characterizing the entity and its health status.

d) Each of the individual images must fit precisely into the grid’s cells.

e) Each of the individual images must be non-trivial (meaning it is composed of multiple shapes); easily recognizable (meaning that it must be a close approximation of whatever you’re attempting to draw in all four cases), and clearly distinct from the other three images. The two entities must be entirely different from each other. Trivial differences, such as the same image in different colors or minor changes, are not acceptable. In particular emojis, smiley faces, and other such images composed of a few geometric shapes will not be accepted because the individual images are much too simple, and the entities are not sufficiently distinct.

f) The two different states of each entity, healthy and unwell, must be easy to tell apart due to differences in posture, expression, and, if relevant, other unique visual elements.

g) For portability of your program code all the symbols must be drawn using standard Turtle graphics primitives only. You may not include any separate image files with your solution and only a single Python file may be submitted.

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Your job is to display your four chosen images on both sides of our supplied canvas and to describe them appropriately. To do so you must add Turtle graphics code to the provided Python template program in the area marked “Student’s Solution”.All of your code must appear in, or be called from, function (track_entities) in the place marked by the (pass) statement.

You may not change any of the given code except in the main program at the bottom as indicated in the comments. This is where you add all your code … and you can change the arguments in these function calls … but you must not change any other code in the template.

Avoid “hardwiring” your drawings to absolute x-y coordinates on the canvas. You can’t move an image after it’s been drawn, so from the beginning, you should allow for the future need to draw each image at any chosen location on the screen.

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