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BSBADV404 Schedule Advertisements Assessment Answer

TAFE Assessment Cover SheetChoosing the right advertising media is a very crucial point in the growth of a product or business. Before advertising a product or a business few points need to keep in mind these are the media, policies and procedures, budget,  audience, and many more.

At the college level, students learn these kinds of things to make them more efficient in this topic. Students learn to write BSBADV404 Schedule Advertisements assessment answers. By writing the BSBADV404 Assessment students learn about confirming the advertising and media requirements.

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Learning outcomes of the BSBADV404 schedule advertisements answer:

Upon successful completion of BSBADV404 Answer students will be able to:

Confirm advertising and media requirements:

  1. The availability of the completed advertisement can be confirmed by a student after completion of the BSBADV404  assignment.
  2. The chosen media and media vehicle/s can be identified and confirmed from the media plan by a student.
  3. For the public release of advertisements, students will be able to confirm the timing.
  4. The budget allocation per medium per advertising period can be confirmed by a student.

Prepare and cost media schedule:

  1. Confirm whether the duration and timing of the media schedule meet the requirements of the media plan or not.
  2. After completion of the BSBADV404  course, students will be able to make sure that the number, length/size, and timing/placement of the advertisements in the media schedule are according to the media plan.
  3. With media vehicles students will be able to negotiate the costs, they will be able to report any variations from the budget in cost per medium per advertising period and also gain approval to proceed.
  4. By organizational policies and procedures, students will be able to negotiate and gain approvals for changes to schedule required by unforeseen problems with media vehicles/s from supervisors/account managers.
  5. To meet the budgetary requirements students will be able to cost the overall media schedule.

Book advertising space/time and lodge advertisements:

  1. By organizational policy and practice using appropriate technology students will be able to follow booking procedures.
  2. By organizational procedures, students will be able to Lodge advertisements to meet the deadline requirements of media vehicles.
  3. After completion of the course, students will be able to suggest changes or improvements to the organizational scheduling procedures.

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Listed below are some of the tasks and questions that a student has to answer in the BSBADV404 Assessment Answer 1:

  • Such as media types and media vehicles you have to explain the industry services/products.
  • For the advertising industry what are the legal and ethical requirements that are involved?
  • What is the principle of advertising as it related to the marketing mix?
  • For scheduling advertisements what are the organizational policies and procedures?
  • By the media plan for the advertisement, you have to identify and confirm the media and the chosen means to advertise.
  • Relevant to the media schedules you have to locate and analyze the organizational policies and procedures.
  • You have to use appropriate industry technology.
  • You have to organize the distribution and timing of the advertisement and also you have to negotiate the costs with media sellers for an advertisement.

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