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BSBCUE304 Provide Sales Solutions to Customers Assessment Answer

TAFE Assessment Cover SheetStudents to get essential knowledge in sales necessarily need to write BSBCUE304 Provide Sales Solutions to customers’ assessment answers.

The BSBCUE304 Assessment encourages the aspiring pupils to learn how to: identify and respond to customer needs, close the sales, input the sale records, provide the sales record where necessary.

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Learning outcomes of BSBCUE304 Provide Sales Solutions to Customers Answer:

Students will be able to identify customer needs:

  • By completing the BSBCUE304 assignment answers students will be able to determine the product and service requirements. You will be able to access the records of existing customers. Students can also offer technical and specialist advice to the customer, where this kind of advice is considered beneficial to the closing of the sale and decision-making. You can identify the financial limitations of customers. Before submission to customers, you need to discuss estimates and quotes with the team and specialist staff if necessary.

Students will be able to respond to customer needs:

  •  As role permits, you can prepare, discuss, and present estimates and quotes in your BSBCUE304 assessment answers. The benefits of various options and pricing structures can be fully explained to the customers. Customers can be allowed to question the options and quotes that are provided. The advantages of dealing with the organization can be promoted. And by promoting specific benefits you can manage customer objections effectively.

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Students will be able to close the sales:

  • You will be able to agree on the service of the product that a customer is purchasing. Students can establish the purchase and payment preference of the customer.  they will be able to finalize the documentation related to the sale and also forward it to the customer for agreement and signature. With the customer, you can negotiate and arrange the payment methods. You can conduct the appropriate credit checks and record the installation and delivery arrangement that was agreed with the customer.

Students will be able to input the sale records:

  • after completion of BSBCUE304 coursework, you will be able to record the full details of the sale. If appropriate you can amend the existing customer records. According to the organizational policy, you will be able to initiate invoices and organize installation or deliver

Students will be able to provide the sales record where necessary:

  • After the delivery or installation, you can verify the satisfaction of the customer. To satisfy the customer needs you can even identify additional actions and initiate an action in a timely and efficient manner.

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Looking for an approach to solve the BSBCUE304 Summative Assignment? The Strategic Marketing Assignment expert has shared one for you:

To match the customer’s need with a clear explanation of price and payment options, you have to recommend a service or product. You have to explain the estimate and quote procedures. In your BSBCUE304 assessment answers, you have to outline the sales and marketing practices and principles. You have to identify the organizational pricing policies and organizational protocols that are associated with customer sales and service.

About providing sales solutions to the customers, you have to identify the statutory, legislative, and regulatory requirements. You have to apply the appropriate credit checks, organize customer delivery, and payment details. At the same time, you have to record payments, sales, and delivery arrangements, and provide the after-sales services.
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