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BSBSMB413 Design a Digital Action Plan for Small Business Assessment Answer

Educational programs in the management department are touching the peaks in this modern world of evolving technologies and businesses. Nt only Australians but different students from all around the globe are coming to Australia, to pursue a management course. The scope of a management professional has enhanced a lot over the past few years.

Due to that, the teaching method has also changed, now a management course is all about experiential learning, and to make the students more familiar with the concepts students have to prepare many assignments and projects. One of them is finding the BSBSMB413 Design a Digital Action Plan for Small Business Assessment Answer.

The BSBSMB413 assessment teaches the students about determining the digital readiness of the business with many other things. To complete the assignment students must have keen knowledge about the subject otherwise the BSBSMB413 Assessment can prove to be a very difficult assignment to complete.

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Learning outcomes of BSBSMB413 Design a digital action plan for small business assessment answer:

After successful completion of the BSBSMB413 assessment answer students will be able to:

Determine the digital readiness of the business:

  1. To pursue digital opportunities students will be able to review the current digital assets, and internal capacity and capability.
  2. The target market’s needs and preferences can be analyzed by a student, as they apply to digital technologies and business goals.
  3. The competitors’ use of digital technologies can be researched and analyzed by a student.
  4. Associated with the use of digital technologies a student will be able to identify the potential opportunities and challenges, including the legislative and regulatory requirements.

Investigate the digital tools and services to meet the needs of the business:

  1. Students will be able to research the key components of a digital strategy.
  2. Potential digital tools, platforms, and channels can be identified by a student, including the associated costs, benefits, and returns on investment.
  3. Students need to identify specialist advisors and other costs in their BSBSMB413  assignment answers. They can seek assistance at the time of requirement.
  4. How digital initiatives will integrate with or replace non-digital business tools?

Develop a digital plan aligned with the business goals:

  1. After completion of the BSBSMB413  assessment students will be able to evaluate identifies opportunities and select the digital that aligns best with the business plan and vision.
  2. To implement the digital initiatives a student will be able to determine the actions, timeframes, people, and resources.
  3. For the action plan and process for incorporating innovations, a student can determine the review interval.
  4. In the BSBSMB413  assignment answers, students need to determine a suitable action plan for business.

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Tasks and questions to solve in the BSBSMB413 Design a digital action plan for small business answer:

  • What are digital technologies? Assess potential return on investment and evaluate whether they could replace non-digital tools in a small business or not.
  • For monitoring the key metrics and incorporating modifications to the strategy you have to develop a process.
  • To implement digital technology you have to design an integrated approach.
  • What are the key characteristics, expectations, and needs of the small business customer base? Outline all.
  • What are the technology options, benefits, and challenges for small business owners about the following digital marketing, selling online, customer interaction, online security?
  • What are the intellectual property and other legislative implications for small business use of digital technologies? Explain.
  • For assessing the performance of digital technologies, explain at least three (3) key metrics or analytical tools.

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