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Melbourne Micro Cert Business Process Mining Assignment Sample

This is the Assignment Solution of “Business Process Mining Melbourne University MicroCert course”

Process mining is a way to get information from your own IT systems. Without data, it would be pointless. Process mining can help you find important information that will make you better.

This course explores key process mining tools and techniques to equip professionals with the knowledge needed to kickstart their own projects in an organization of any size or complexity.

It will be especially helpful for those involved in organizational improvement projects looking to maximize profit margins through improved operational efficiency

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Assignment Answer’s of “Business Process Mining Assignment”

The course is handing out a few assignments that are important to use skills from this class. One of them was completing your group project, do research on the business world and then write up an executive summary for your company’s proposal.

Assignment Task 1. Understand how to leverage data for better decision making

Solution- Data can be leveraged for better decision-making by exploiting the fact that data as it pertains to business typically lives in silos and is used sporadically.

If you want to understand data, you need to look at the organization as a whole. You also have to think about how people move in this organization and what makes them change their behaviors.

Only through gaining deep insight into these factors can we understand how various types of data affect one another and have influence over what makes us define success in our industry.

You want to do this type of analysis before making any decision. It will be possible to make better-educated guesses about which features will provide payoffs and those that won’t.

Assignment Task2. Explore key process mining tools and techniques

Solution- Key process mining techniques include

  • Event Sequence
  • Temporal
  • Causal Order Analysis

Event Sequence – Event sequence analysis helps to identify chains of events, which are directly linked to outages or other negative events.

Temporal – Temporal order analysis provides insight into the time it takes for an event to happen following a given trigger, with one major potential application being a study of labor efficiency in plants operating under lean manufacturing principles. Finally,

Causal Order Analysis -What is causal order analysis? It can tell you when an error happened on the computer. For example, if something was wrong with your time log and it was caused by a human error or a system glitch.

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Assignment Activity 3. Put your process mining knowledge into practice

Solution-This course will enable you to implement the theory learned in class by providing a range of examples, compelling case studies, and supervised exercises.

This textbook and the experiential activities have helped you better understand process mining. If you want to put up a proposal for improving or implementing a new process, it will be easier because of this knowledge.

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