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ITC548 System Analysis PG Assessment Answer

ITC548 – System Analysis PG Assessment Answer CSU – Charles Sturt University Australia

Information technology has become one of the most important aspects of the growth of every business and organization. In every organization, there is a very basic need for the information technology department.

With the growth in demand for Information technology, in the professional sector, it has become very popular among the students of this era. The coursework ITC548 mainly emphasizes system analysis.

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Learning outcomes of ITC548 – System Analysis PG Assessment:

Upon successful completion of the assessment on ITC548 – System Analysis PG students should be able to:
1) describe the context of an information system.
2) Comparing and contrasting the different methodologies of system analysis and evaluating their appropriateness for the different and complex situations can be done by a student.
3) Distinguishing between the requirement gathering techniques and combining these appropriately to apply to a real scenario could be done by a student.  
4) Evaluation of development requirements and prepare a feasibility proposal based on multi-disciplinary (financial, human resource, and technological) analyses can be done by a student.
5) Assembling the components of a requirements model using the tools and techniques of object-oriented or structured systems modeling can be done by a student.

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While writing the ITC548 – System Analysis PG Assessment following points must include and explain briefly:

a questionnaire inclusive of open-ended and closed-ended questions, Stakeholder Map, Stakeholder Map Diagram, list of stakeholders, health insurance provider, managing director, system admin, government, immigration department, use case, and use case diagram.

  • Questionnaires

The information-gathering techniques you can use for “requirement gathering” in an informative way is known as a questionnaire. There are two types of questions asked in a questionnaire open-ended questions and closed-ended questions. In open-ended questions, a wide range of responses is collected from different users and clients.

The insight of the project into different flavors is provided by their response. Using close-ended questions you can gather detailed information. On the other hand, close-ended questions are normally yes or no questions with limited direct options, this makes it easier for respondents to reply.

  • Stakeholder Map

To find out the key participant of the project you can use a stakeholder map. To find out key participants and their responsibilities during the cycle of the project, it is a filtration process. Mapping has been classified into four parts: Identity, Analyse, plan, and engage.

  •  Use Case

A graphical or a pictorial representation of the interaction of a user and a system to perform some actions to get some results out of it.
As you can see the terms involved in the ITC548 – System Analysis PG Assessment and the knowledge required in completing this assessment.

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