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MNG00785: Project Management – Beach Side Cottage – Reflective Essay Writing Assignment Answer

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Here is a sample MNG00785 assignment task mentioned below just to make you understand the core concept thoroughly. Moreover, the following assignment task requires you to act like a branch manager of an insurance company which is located in a suburban location.

All you need to do is just find a suitable location in the suburban and prepare an appropriate project plan for this. And for this, you need to be aware of the qualities you must have for preparing the whole project proposal. And if at some point you feel like seeking someone’s help to move further, then you can contact our MNG00785 Reflective Essay Writing Experts to get instant help.

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MNG00785  Assignment task

There is an insurance company in a suburban location and you are the manager of that branch. Well, the lease on your branch office has expired and the landlord has declared that he will not allow you to renew that lease agreement. Now, all you have to do is find a suitable new location and if you have already found a location nearby in the suburban itself, then by your CEO’s orders, you need to prepare a project plan and put it forward as a proposal.

Furthermore, the CEO has clearly mentioned that you need to do this shifting of the office premises in a particular budget of $ 100,000 and that too with minimal disruption to staff members and customers of your company. All this should be done under the given budget and in the shortest time period possible within the budget.

The staff members who will be on-duty regarding this shifting are:

  • CEO: Sponsor
  • Project team: Branch manager taking all the responsibilities of a project manager
  • The administration manager
  • CIT (the manager of communication and information technology)

This above-mentioned MNG00785  assignment task will only be completed efficiently if you have full knowledge that how to prepare a project proposal. And for that, you need to get in touch with the management assignment experts who have a huge experience and can guide you to plan each and everything under your budget. And to do all this perfectly, you need to plan everything before action keeping your budget in your mind.
Being a project manager, it is your first duty to manage all the things in your project. you should ensure the creation of less disruption to the existing staff members. You will be getting the assistance of a particular group of laborers from the company and the CIT department will provide the specific staff members to help in all the telephonic conversations.

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The particular project team has agreed that this shifting thing will get completed in 6 weeks. And the shifting of the premises will start on Friday evening. The relocation will be done at the weekend on Saturday and Sunday so that all the staff members can get back to their duties on Monday with the least breakdown in the work.

Furthermore, all the members of the CIT need to work all weekend to make sure that all the equipment works properly when the staff members join their duties on Monday at the new premises.
Before writing the MNG00785   assessment you need to have an understanding of what are the main responsibilities of a project manager. Few responsibilities of a project manager are completion of the project, the least disturbance in the office work, etc. All activities should be done within the budget.

Well, to complete the MNG00785 project management – beachside cottage assignment, you need to think critically about different aspects. And for this assignment task, you need to introduce the essay. At the same time, you also need to describe the whole situation. After that, you need to relate the situation with experience and lastly conclude the essay.

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