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NURBN2000 Reflection on Therapeutic Communication Assessment Answer

TAFE Assessment Cover SheetSocial science is comprised of a lot of fields such as nursing. Through nursing students get to know about the nursing practices. The students of nursing have to deal with a large number of assignments. NURBN2000 Reflection on Therapeutic communication is also one of the important nursing assessment.

In this assignment, students need to discuss the complexities of the role of a registered nurse and write the NURBN2000 Reflection on Therapeutic Communication Assignment Answer. The assignment is difficult to understand for some of the students. There is a need for a deep understanding of the unit to write the assignment in the right manner.

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The assignment of NURBN2000 is very important as it tells about all the responsibilities with which a registered nurse deals. The experts have provided the assignment sample. This sample will help the students in writing their NURBN2000 Reflection on Therapeutic communication assignment.

According to nursing assignment experts,  students can utilize Gibbs’s nursing reflective model while writing the NURBN2000 assignment. This model will help in determining the ways to improve the communication style with the patients.

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Main requirements of the NURBN2000 assessment

The main requirements of the NURBN2000 assessment Reflection on Therapeutic communication
In the NURBN2000 assessment, one of the main tasks is to analyze the nursing communication scenario. The registered nurse should follow the Gibbs cycle for reflection:

And then you need to answer the questions given below:

  1. What happened?
  2. If it happens again, what will you do?
  3. What were you thinking?
  4.  Good and bad about the experience?
  5.  sense can you make of the experience
  6. What else could you have done?

At last, you should there be a description of your personal growth. Also, there are some other questions in the NURBN2000 assessment on which you should focus to complete the work.

  • Discussion of the issues regarding communication and their impact on your thinking.
  • As per your examination, what are the main reasons behind the issues which are identified?
  • Recommendation of the communication strategies which can be applied.

After that, you should explain the Gibbs Reflection cycle step by step.

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Gibbs reflection cycle

Below are the steps of Gibbs reflective cycle

Step 1: Description

The first step is a description of where you have to describe the incident. You must keep different things in mind like where the situation takes place, what happened, and many others.

Step 2: Feelings

In the second step, you need to know what the individual was feeling during the situation.
To answer in a clear way you should follow these questions:

  • What was your feeling before and after the incident?
  • What were others feeling before and after the incident?

Step 3: Evaluation

In this step, you need to encourage people. you should ask the following question for this:

  • What are the positive things about the incident?
  • Things went well?
  • What are the reasons behind this?

Step 4: Analysis and conclusion in NURBN2000 assessment

This step deals with the professional practice strategies which can be applied. Once the evaluation is done, a conclusion can be drawn. Think about the situation again. Refer to the given questions:

  • In what ways will help in making the situation positive?
  •  If you face the same incident again what will you do?
  • What skills you should develop to handle the same situation in the future?

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