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NURS13128 Nursing Care For Children And Their Families Bronchiolitis Case Assessment Answer

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While pursuing the course with learning the crucial skills, students have to prepare many assignments and case studies too. One of which a case study task is drafting NURS13128: Nursing Care For Children And Their Families Bronchiolitis Case Assessment Answer.

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Learning outcomes of NauRS13128 case study :

Upon completion of the case study you will be able to:

  • As applied to the nursing care of children and families you will be able to discuss cultural awareness principles and family-centered care.
  • Relevant to the health and wellness of the children and their families you will be able to evaluate health promotion strategies at a local, national and international level
  • You will be able to compare the unique biopsychosocial stages of child development and the impact these have on children and their families, by utilizing evidence-based practice principles.

Brief on NURS13128: Nursing Care for Children and their Families:

A six-month-old indigenous infant Mary has been brought to the emergency room and admitted to the regional pediatric ward in which you currently work. Mary has a three-day history of cough and runny nose and a 12-hour history of wet nappies and decreased feeding. After getting the result of urinalysis possibility of urinary tract infection was ruled out. But it showed a small number of ketones.
After admitting the ward to the emergency room you obtain the following information: the first thing you note is increased mucus production, respiratory rate is 46 bpm, and oxygen saturation is 95percent on room air, heart rate is 172 BPM, Blood pressure is 100 over 65, body temperature is 36.5 degrees Celsius and CEWT score is 5. And Mary’s grandmother Elsie informs you that she gave her paracetamol four hours before coming to the hospital and other than that patient is not on any type of medication.

While checking the family history you note that Mary is the youngest of four children, they all live with their grandmother and the children are in regular contact with their parents. Elsie tells you the reason she is taking care of the children, Mary’s two elder siblings were in foster care for three months a couple of years ago because both of their parents Wayne and Evol are alcoholic. Elsie, Wayne, and Evol all three are cigarettes smoker.

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Task’s to complete in NURS13128: Nursing Care For Children And Their Families bronchiolitis Case:

The main purpose of this assignment is the encouraged application of critical analysis and reflection on nursing practices that would be applied in pediatric settings.
The first task in NURS13128: Nursing Care for Children And their Families bronchiolitis Case is to develop a three-day plan of care for the patient, whilst the patient is in the pediatric ward you have to demonstrate that you are prioritizing, planning, and implementing care to promote Mary’s wellbeing and the second task is to consider and discuss the appropriate health promotion and management technique that requires a collective approach to nursing whilst the patient is in hospital and when preparing for her discharge from the hospital.
Note the three-day plan of care must include an explanation of the following terms: “person and family-centered care”, “Pathophysiology of bronchiolitis and respiratory syncytial virus and national & international incidence statistics of bronchiolitis”, “immediate and ongoing care needs of Mary upon admission to the ward. “Development stages and need of Mary whilst she is in the hospital to ensure safe, therapeutic care”, “legal and ethical issues related to caring for Mary”.

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