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Nursing Student Placement Reflection Essay

TAFE Assessment Cover SheetReflective practice in nursing is considered to be the as best way to analyze your own performances. In case you are provided with the task to write a reflective essay performance.

If you are a nursing student then assignment help can help you in identifying the skills require for getting a job. It could help you in identifying suitable ways of getting an assured placement.

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Example of reflection on communication with others in a clinical setting

By working in a team I develop an understanding that communication in health and social care underpins everything which professionals do my assignment and can determine the quality of service which the patient receives. Lack of effective communication between members of inter-professionals teams influences the Quality of care patients to receive and could result in several bad experiences for the patients.

My lack of effective communication between members of the inter-professional team influences the quality of care patients to receive and could result in any number of bad experiences for the patients.

I also analyzed that factors that lead to poor communication include the utilization of professional language, poor handwriting, and abbreviations. I decided to avoid such a type of attitude and put all my efforts into eliminating the chances of miscommunication.

Ability to work in a team

At the time of placement, I also have engaged myself in multidisciplinary team meetings. I also got an opportunity to work with different health care professionals such as doctors and nurses.

The department n the health care setting where I was placed had a team of talented members. All members of the team were quite supportive.

I have always been making a valuable contribution to the accomplishment of group goals. Very soon I realize that sitting back and listening or observing people is not at all a good strategy. I learned that everyone should demonstrate that they are interested in exploring and capturing opportunities.

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Duties and relationships with others within  nursing practice

My roles and relationship within the clinical setting were very much essential. It was very much important for me to develop relationships with other people in a team. I also realized that effective communication is key to develop mutual understanding with other people at the workplace and gain their trust. After the successful completion of the reflection, I found that I have certain strengths and weaknesses in the context of my roles or responsibilities. After placement, I soon start to realize that I have been able to develop a better understanding of the role of nurses in the care of patients.

After completion of reflection realized that it is not possible to become an effective collaborative healthcare member without having an understanding of the roles of others with who I am are working. If there is a lack of understanding of the roles of others, I feel that it would be difficult to see why they are involved in the care of my patient. I have put all my efforts to interact with others at the time of placement so that I could confidently work alongside different people for accomplishing desired objectives.

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Develop problem-solving skills

At the time of nursing placement, you should clearly state the situation where you have utilized the problem-solving technique. For instance, patients who face issues in getting up and those who need to have on their bed.

Every patient is different and often I couldn’t just perform the activities without thought. The procedure of dilemma-solving has guided me in identifying solutions for issues.

I have developed an understanding that this procedure is effective and assists me in making the right decisions. I gain the potential to reflect on my decision so that I can see if the decision was the best or not for the situation.

To assist me in problem-solving during more complex situations, I asked my guide to suggest a few problem-solving techniques.

Core competencies in the context of nursing skills

Competency in the context of nursing had a lot to do with my confidence. Confidence is a very crucial part of nursing practice. It plays s important role in development.

After an incident, I found that besides my lack of confidence the skill set that I need for dealing with a patient was within my scope of practice, within my capability, and within my knowledge base. From reflection, it is clear that my lack of confidence in my ability when put ‘on the spot’ contributed to my feelings of inadequacy which affected my competency.

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Through reflection and the use of a mentor, I was able to clarify that my weakness was not my nursing skills or knowledge level but my inability to effectively perform under scrutiny. To develop my confidence and communication skill I will become proactive. I will seek assistance from a senior clinical educator about critically assessing my competencies and knowledge.

At the starting of placement, I have not realized what to expect as it was my first time in a hospital setting. This placement gave me the chance to begin to see myself as a professional.

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As I slowly but surely learned how to think critically about the patient’s health. I learned about techniques for managing the care needs of patients. This led to my becoming increasingly confident in the role. Although I feel that I have a long way to go in this attempt and will always continue learning. I know that I have learned a lot during my time at this placement.

To further improve my practice, I will utilize reflection as it enables me to solve problems.

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