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SITXFSA001 Use Hygienic Practices For Food Safety

  Basic aspects of commonwealth, state or territory food safety laws, standards and codes as follows

o meaning of contaminant, contamination and potentially hazardous foods as defined by the Australia New Zealand Food Standards Codeo employee and employer responsibility to participate in hygienic practices reasons for food safety programs and what they must contain role of local government regulator-so ramifications of failure to observe food safety law and organizational policies and procedures

health issues likely to cause a hygiene risk relevant to food safety:o airborne diseases food-borne diseases o infectious diseases

hygiene actions that must be adhered to in order to avoid food-borne illnesses

hand washing practices

basic aspects of hazard analysis and critical control points -HACCP- method of controlling food safety

specific industry sector and organization:o major causes of food contamination and food-borne illnesses sources and effects of microbiological contamination of food o workplace hygiene hazards

when handling food and food contact surface so basic content of organizational food safety programs contents of organizational hygiene and food safety procedure so hygienic work practices for individual job roles and responsibilities

Place/Location where assessment will be conducted Resource Requirements Pen, Paper, internet access or a copy of “Australia New Zealand Food Standards Code – Standard 3-2-1 – Food Safety Programs -Australia Only-” or an organizational food safety plan as set out in the TP- Instructions for assessment including WHS requirements

You are required to address all questions to achieve competence

Your task: 1– There is legislation governing correct food handling processes in Australia and New Zealand through Food Standards Australia New Zealand -FSANZ

Who is in charge at the local government level and what powers does this authority have????

Local authority in charge of food safety Executing person and their powers under the Health Act 2- Working in the TH&E industry requires that staff follow good personal hygiene to prevent contamination in accommodation, food and beverage areas and meet industry expectations for presentation

Provide 5 examples of good personal hygiene practices

Examples of good personal hygiene 1- 2- 3- 4- 5- 3- You have cut your finger during work

What do you need to do to prevent any potential contamination of food, or other items like linen in accommodation or food service areas???? Why????

Measure to prevent contamination 4- Number the steps for the Hand washing procedure in correct order:Step Action Dry hands thoroughly using single use paper towels Lather hands with an anti-bacterial liquid soap Scrub hands thoroughly including between the fingers, the wrists, up to the elbows and under nails -use a brush to assist- Apply a sanitiser Rinse off hands under hot running water 1 Wet your hands under hot running water -don’t burn yourself!- 

List 4 requirements for hand washing facilities to meet the legal requirements:Requirements/Provisions

Provide 5 examples of instances which would require that you wash your hands

Examples of Instances Hands need to be washed after

Food can become contaminated in 3 ways- Connect the correct cause for contamination to the relevant type of contamination: Contamination Caused through Biological Contamination Food contains foreign matter such as glass, scourer shavings, wood or porcelain pieces- Physical Contamination Food being in contact with pesticides, toxic material or chemicals, which may be either naturally occurring or manmade- Chemical Contamination Arises from disease-causing microorganisms such as bacteria, moulds, yeasts, viruses or fungi

Provide 5 examples of common sources of food contamination relevant to your area of training -for example food and beverage, cookery or accommodation services-

  Provide 4 examples of common causes of cross-contamination relevant to your area of training

for example food and beverage, cookery or accommodation services- Source of cross-contamination

Example: handling cooked food after touching raw foods without washing hands  On your roster ed day off at restaurant you suffered from diarrhea and vomiting

In the morning you feel better and you decide to go work- What are your responsibilities under the Food Act????

Responsibilities -What do you need to do when you arrive at work

List 2 examples of ramifications of poor hygiene standards in an establishment

Ramifications Most food poisoning occurs through improper food safety practices- How could the following factors affect food safety????

Factors affecting food safety How does this affect food safety????

Not washing fruit and vegetables Improper temperature control Cross-contamination Pests Improper cleaning

To ensure that all staff follow correct hygiene procedures,workplaces commonly have policies in place which need to be observed

Provide 1 example of what each policy and procedure for the following aspects should contain

Aspect Policies and procedures Personal hygiene Food safety Cleaning Training Provide 5 examples of foods which are considered potentially hazardous according to Food Safety Standard

 Examples for hazardous foods

 Which of the following occurrences would you need to report to a supervisor????

Indicate true or false Occurrence True/False Unsatisfactory personal hygiene standards of employees Unsatisfactory practices that lead to contamination of food

e-g- hair clips, band aids, chemicals Unsafe food handling that may lead or has led to cross-contamination Incorrect cleaning practices that are not in line with your organization’s food safety program Outdated practices that are not consistent with current requirements Staff tasting and adjusting seasoning of food before service

  List 5 hygiene requirements you must follow when handling raw egg or egg products to prevent cross contamination

Hygiene procedures to prevent cross contamination when handling eggs 

You are required to separate eggs for food preparation -for example sauce Mayonnaise, chocolate mousse or similar

What tool do you need to use to prevent cross contamination?

A customer orders a meal and tells you that they suffer from gluten intolerance

List 5 aspects which must be considered when preparing the customer’s meal to prevent contamination with or through other foods?

Aspects to consider to ensure safe food for special diet for allergies

List 1 example of how each of the following health issues could cause a hygiene risk for food safety

Health Issue Example – Hygiene risk relevant to food safety •

  • airborne diseases
  • food-borne diseases
  • infectious diseases

List 8 hygienic work practices which apply for your job role -for example as an apprentice chef, waiter, housekeeper-Hygienic work practices and responsibilities for food safety which must be followed in your job role 

List the basic aspects of hazard analysis and critical control points -HACCP- method of controlling food safety-Basic Aspects of HACCP method of controlling food safety

 explain what a food safety program must address

A food safety program must 

Example: -a- systematically identify the potential hazards that may be reasonably expected to occur in all food handling operations of the food business

Your example could include: Monitoring of temperatures of food exposed to the Danger zone; temperatures for re-heating foods or food on hold; temperature check of e-g- fresh meat on delivery from a butcher or supplier a- b- c- d- e- f-

The purpose of this assessment is to assess your ability to:

  • demonstrate use of safe food handling practices in food handling work functions in line with organizational hygiene procedures on at least three occasions
  • demonstrate procedures to:o identify food hazards so report unsafe practice so report incidents of food contamination

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