NRSG635: You are a new graduate nurse working in a surgical ward You have been there for one month and have been administering medications safely:Nursing Essay, ACU, Australia

University Australian Catholic University ACU
Subject NUR3020: Nursing

Scenario part 1:

You are a new graduate nurse working in a surgical ward. You have been there for one month and have been administering medications safely during this time. Today the shift is busy and you feel rushed to complete the medications for your assigned patients. At the completion of the 08:00 medication round, you realize that you have made an error. You have administered the incorrect medication to one of the patients in your care. The nurse educator is concerned with your competence in medication management, and you feel stressed about the ramifications of your error. You are looking to them for guidance and support.

Question 1: Identify and discuss the attributes of an effective clinical leader and how might an effective leader impact the scenario. In your answer, you must link the literature to leadership theory.

Scenario part 2: The team leader then asks you to take over the complex care of a patient. You are less confident and unsure of your competence and ability to provide safe quality care for the patient, especially in light of your recent medication error.

Question 2: Identify and discuss strategies that you could use to approach this situation. In your answer relate your discussion to the Clinical Performance and Effectiveness Standard in the National Safety and Quality Health Services Standards second edition (2021), in the reference list.

Scenario part 3: The ward you are working on does not have a culture of person-centered care. You notice this within your first 6 months as a new graduate nurse and feel it’s important to bring it to the NUMs attention. You organize a meeting with your NUM to discuss.

Question 3: Identify and discuss person-centered care and how this approach might be implemented on the ward. Identify and discuss barriers to implementing this initiative.

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