SPHL3310: You Will Be Provided With A Case History Plus The Raw Data And Initial Phonological Analysis: Speech Pathology Assignment, CU, Australia

University Curtin University
Subject SPHL3310: Speech Pathology

Aim of the Assignment:

You will be provided with a case history plus the raw data and initial phonological analysis of a child’s speech and language assessment. Your task is to present the case, findings, and implications in a comprehensive case report, including a discussion of some self-selected aspects of the case report in terms of the scientific literature.

NB: You are not a qualified speech-language pathologist and therefore not required to provide a diagnosis, treatment targets, or an intervention approach.

Relation to Learning Outcomes:

Writing the case report will contribute to the following learning outcomes:

• Demonstrate and apply an advanced understanding of how typically developing children (0-5) develop speech and language.

• Communicate a basic understanding of ways that speech and language development can be atypical.

• Discuss the impact that (atypical) speech and language development has on the children’s family and on their own ability to participate in society.

• Analyse, interpret and report on speech and language samples.

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