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Unimelb INFO30005 Web Information Technologies Assignment Answer

This is the assignment sample of “Unimelb INFO30005 Web Information Technologies”

In this course, you will learn to apply tools and techniques required for modeling, designing, and developing applications that can run on one or more platforms.

This class covers things like how to design an application on the web. It also talks about how developers should think when designing something for a website.

Designers talk about data representation and other topics.

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Assignment Solution Of “Unimelb INFO30005 Web Information Technologies Assignment “

This class is hard work. One assignment has you working with a group and the other one lets you write about our company’s proposal before we even finish research.

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Assignment Activity 1. Understand the concepts, technologies, and standards underpinning the World Wide web

The World Wide Web is like using a computer to look at web pages. The pages on the internet are linked together.

A vast number of pages may be stored on any computer connected to the Internet, as well as on other networked storage devices for retrieval through various types of communication protocols.

The most prevalent form of the protocol used today is HTTP, though it supports many others including HTTPS, FTP, and IRC among others.

The Web is primarily used to share documents via the HyperText Transfer Protocol (HTTP) protocol, using the so-called “Extended Hypertext Markup Language” (“HTML”) as a markup language.

The worldwide web was invented by Tim Berners-Lee at CERN, Switzerland in 1990 – thus it’s also known as WWW (world wide web).

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Assignment Task 2. Use and evaluate appropriate architectures for web applications

When considering what type of architecture to use, a few factors come into play. A business strategy, technology framework, and scalability are some of the considerations.

For example, clients will often depend on a web application framework to gain an understanding of how they can build their own web application with as much control in designing the architecture at the outset as possible.

Frameworks such as Django provide a server that helps manage requests and responses efficiently.

Other frameworks or languages like Ruby offer more flexibility when it comes to scaling applications up with that language design.

A company’s strategy might also affect the kind of technology they use for building web applications.

For example, if the company is using cloud computing services this would constrain their use of hardware equipment.

Or if they are using an application service provider-based architecture, then this would limit how much money they spend on IT development.

Scalability can affect architectural choices in a web application once it has been developed, thereby allowing for an inbuilt solution to dynamically support the rapid increase of traffic.

Solutions involve many aspects including hardware and software components, though they can be categorized at a high level into the following types:

Web application server – A web application is designed to work with a specific type of software.

This can be hardware and/or software components, depending on the environment (e.g., cloud computing) in which it resides.

Assignment Activity 3. Use Web technologies and frameworks to develop web applications

Frameworks and technologies are easier to use than older ones. This means developers have less work to do.

They can make the most of their time, which means they can spend more time doing important things like solving problems.

If you are an experienced developer or one who is just beginning, it will be easy to learn how to use some frameworks as long as you understand both programming fundamentals and object-oriented concepts.

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Assignment Task 4. Analyze and evaluate the social impact and value of web applications

Web applications can be used to create a vast array of social impact and value, from increasing efficiency and productivity in the workplace to helping grow engaged communities.

One recent example is Google Maps and its impact on disaster relief following natural disasters.

Google Maps has transformed how people find their way home during disasters by utilizing geotagged tweets that provide vital visual information about post-disaster landscapes.

Even better, these public mapping resources are often more accurate than those provided by government agencies that don’t have fleets of field workers tapping away at keyboards 24/7 after an event.

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