CHC33015: List At Least 10 Activities Where We Use Individualized Plan While Supporting The Person: Certificate 3 In Individual Support Knowledge Assignment, VU, Australia

University Victoria University [VU]
Subject CHC33015: Certificate 3 In Individual Support Knowledge


1. Describe Individualised plan (care plan) in your own words (50-100 words)?

2. List at least 10 activities where we use Individualised plan while supporting the person

3. Describe in your own words what the definition of the term “Job role” or “Job description” is?

4. Describe the basic principles of rights-based approaches

5. Describe in your own words what the definition of the term “Empowerment” is?

Case Study: Your Client Mars Mavis Gatto (fictional character) has been living in a care center since 2012, she is elderly, frail, and also short term memory is not too good due to affected by dementia. Today is Sunday Morning and you are working in the same area with your colleague, where Mrs. Gatto is living in room no 7 and she is going to church with her family member. Today her family member arrived 30 min earlier from the regular schedule to pick her for the church. You are providing assistance to the client with transfer from room to the vehicle after delivering ADL to Mavis.

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Please answer these questions based on the scenario:

a) Identify two activities when you get to confirm the information from the individualized plan and confirm that information with the person, another support worker, and family?

b) Based on the case study, identify activity when you require seeking support from another person and from who and how you get an assistant?

c) What information will you collect from the Individualised plan in regards to transferring activities from room to vehicle?

d) Identify the task when you are offering an opportunity to make their own decision in regards to the support activity by promoting maximum independence.

e) Based on the case study, please identify the area of individualized plan can be reviewed and to whom and how you will contact for this modification (if required)?

f) Provide two occasions when other carer and family member could be part of support activities?

g) List two steps you can take to minimize the spread of any infection during the support activities?

h) List two actions you can take to reduce risk and build a safe environment during the support activities?

i) List two actions you can take to maintain a healthy and clean environment during the support activities?

j) List one task when you are preparing and delivering support activities according to Mavis’s preferences by following an individualized plan.

k) Briefly explain during the task how you will build and maintain the trust of the client (Mavis)

l) List a scenario when you are arranging required equipment according to Mavis’s needs?

m) How you will protect Mavis’s dignity and Privacy during the support activities?

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