CHCCOM005: Confidentiality, Clinical Records Management, Personal Information Or Privacy: Communicate And Work In Health Or Community Services Assignment, SBT, Australia

University Swinburne University of Technology
Subject CHCCOM005: Communicate And Work In Health Or Community Services

Task 1

Undertake a review of the policies and procedures that you can find for:

1. Confidentiality, clinical records management, personal information or privacy

2. Infection control and/or Personal Protective Equipment

3. Emergency procedures, Fire Safety or Security

4. Child protection and/or Parental consent.

Question 1.1

Where did you source the policy and procedures that you accessed for your review?

If possible, provide a link to where these documents are published on the Internet or upload a copy as a separate file with this assignment. Detail how you searched for and found these documents.

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Select one of these policies for an in-depth review, where possible choose a policy that is relevant to your current work responsibilities. Alternatively, you can imagine a future job role and select a policy that you believe would be relevant to the work responsibilities of that role.

Question 1.2

What are the job role that you are detailing and the policy you have chosen for an in-depth review?

How is that policy relevant to the work responsibilities the job role detailed?

Question 1.3

For the policy of your in-depth review, outline a situation that could occur if the related procedures were not performed correctly or if there was another type of failure scenario related to the policy. What could be the consequences of a policy breach? Should such an incident be reported? How?

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