Discuss the concept of leadership development for early-career nurses and Compare and contrast past and current leadership: Nursing and midwifery Assignment, Deakin University, Australia

University Deakin University
Subject Nursing and midwifery


The first part of this assessment involves writing a report and creating a Personal Leadership Development Plan (PLDP) for yourself

The second part of the assessment involves considerations about creating a Leadership Development Program for Early Career Nurses at your Organization


Complete the ‘Personal Assessment of Management Skills (PAMS)’ on pages 5-7 of your textbook and use the key on page 43 to score your outcomes. It may be useful to score your ‘associates’ too at a later stage but not required for this assessment. The results of this survey will assist you in designing your Personal Leadership Development Plan (PLDP). Consider these questions when evaluating your results and planning your personal leadership development plan:

  • On which aspects of the survey did you score very high or very low? Why do these areas seem to stand out?
  • Are there elements on which others might view you very differently than you view yourself? Were you surprised about any of your results?
  • Reflecting on your results and your personal experiences, develop the following. document your own attributes and key development needs
  • identify appropriate goals.


In the lifetime of a health care professional, one of the most significant times is the first step into employment at university. Success has much to do with the person’s capacity to change and reorientate themselves. A range of factors may impact this transition process to the workplace.

As a leader and manager within a healthcare environment, it is vital that you develop and retain your early-career nurses. One aspect of successful workplace transitions and leadership progression for all professions is developing graduates beyond technical and clinical skills. Organizations need to address “common capability areas”. Specifically, communication skills, critical decision making, managing conflict, working as a team, OHS, evidence-based practice, equity and diversity, health policy, reflective practice, and career development.

Your submission should include the following sections:

1. Discuss the concept of leadership development for early-career nurses.
2. Compare and contrast past and current leadership development programs for early-career nurses. Identify factors associated with the success of these programs. How would you improve the programs?
3. Describe the development program you wish to initiate. Include the following: Target audience, and rationale for the program. How will the program lead to best practice in the clinical setting? Describe the content to be included with reference to the appropriate literature. Identify any local circumstances that may constrain the delivery of the program. What strategies could be implemented to remove barriers to the program?

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