SAP102: John is a 21-year-old man. He has a History of Growing Up: Welfare Systems and Services Report, AIB, Australia

Subject SAP102: Welfare Systems and Services

Assignment Details:

Report on a given case study (30%) This assessment builds on your theoretical knowledge and aims to put that theoretical learning into application.

You are required to prepare a report, proposing a detailed and integrated welfare system specific to the chosen scenario and comprising the following:
▪ Identify the welfare system/s relevant to the case study framework
▪ Identify resources and support for the specific target group that can be accessed within the relevant welfare system/s
▪ Evaluation of services suitable for the scenario

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1. John is a 21-year-old man. he has a history of growing up with family violence and as a result, he spent a lot of time in foster care and residential homes in Melbourne. He is Aboriginal but does not know much about his heritage and is having some identity issues. He has recently left foster care and is getting pressure from his friends to engage more in alcohol and drugs. He is not really sure what is next for him, he doesn’t have a job and feels overwhelmed about life.

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