SITXMGT001: Objective To Provide You With An Opportunity To Monitor Efficiency: Monitor Work Operations Assignment, VU, Australia

University Victoria University [VU]
Subject SITXMGT001: Monitor Work Operations

Activity 1A

Objective To provide you with an opportunity to monitor efficiency and service levels through close contact with day-to-day operations.

1. Outline three ways in which efficiency is monitored within your organization.

2. Identify three aspects of customer service that are monitored by your organization.

We may also consider these aspects of customer service:
➢Response times

➢Customer complaints

➢General feedback

➢Regularity of mistakes

➢Automated recording systems – This type of monitoring involves using equipment and machines that record employee data. Examples include computers that count the number of words entered over specific periods of time and telecommunications devices that record the number of calls made

➢Manual recording systems – This type of monitoring relies upon the team leader and employees to maintain records of the work that has been completed. Such data might be recorded in paper-based format or via computer databases

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➢Sampling – It might be possible to collect samples of the work that is produced and carry out assessments to gauge the general quality. Such samples may be collected by inspection teams, group leaders, or individual team members

➢Visual monitoring – Supervisors and senior managers may take the opportunity to watch employees complete set tasks. They should be able to gauge the levels of productivity, spot any errors, and make recommendations for improved performance

Activity 1B

Objective To provide you with an opportunity to ensure workplace operations support overall organizational goals and quality assurance initiatives.

1. Describe the methods that are used within your workplace to ensure that business operations support the overall organizational goals.

2. What is quality assurance and how is it ensured within your organization?
Quality assurance relates to the processes that are carried out within our organization.

Employees will be expected to satisfy minimum standards. Our organization may have a dedicated quality assurance team with responsibility for ensuring that standards, processes, and policies are implemented and maintained.

Employees may be expected to act in systematic and organized ways to ensure the maintenance of quality standards. The monitoring and review systems should ensure that such standards are met continuously. There are two main aspects of quality assurance that should be taken into consideration. We will have to ensure that products and services are fit for purpose and right first time. They should fulfill the requirements specified by our organization and outlined in promotional material. Errors should also be minimized.

Many companies use the ISO9000 standard for the assurance of product and service quality. The representatives of such companies have to develop quality assurance policies and objectives. Guidelines should also be produced, informing employees how to maintain the necessary standards. There will then be a thorough inspection, undertaken by an outside assessor to ensure that the quality standards are being met. They will highlight any necessary areas of improvement and provide certification when the necessary standards are achieved.

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It will be necessary to establish our organizational goals to gauge the levels of
progress and success within our business. All of the employees should have a shared understanding and be committed to the achievement of common objectives. We should also carry out regular reviews of the workplace operations and ensure that they are contributing to the achievement of organizational targets.

The organizational goals may be outlined in business or strategic plans. They may relate to the level of sales and market share that the organization is hoping to achieve. Goals may also be specific to customer loyalty and the retention of employees. Customer calls might be monitored to ensure that employees are making specific recommendations.

Product samples may also be taken to ensure that appropriate manufacturing standards are being maintained. We should have established systems for the monitoring of workplace operations and employee performance. Timesheets, flow charts, and progress reports may all be referenced. If the goals are continually being met, we may consider making adjustments and increasing demand upon your workers. However, we should take care and ensure that such changes are incremental.

Activity 1C

Objective To provide you with an opportunity to identify quality problems and issues and make appropriate adjustments to procedures and systems, with relevant approvals.

1. This is a practical activity that will require you to identify any quality problems and issues within your business. You will also need to gain appropriate approvals for the adjustment of any procedures and systems.

The following tools may be used during this activity:
➢ Pareto analysis

➢ Flow charts

➢ Check sheets

➢ Cause and effect diagrams

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