BSBADM506: The following task is to be demonstrated and assessed in a safe environment where evidence gathered demonstrates consistent: Manage Business Documents, Case study, VU, Australia

University Victoria University [VU]
Subject BSBADM506: Manage Business Documents

The following task is to be demonstrated and assessed in a safe environment where evidence gathered demonstrates consistent performance of typical activities experienced in the general administration field of work and include access to Computer hardware and other document production equipment software applications appropriate to the talk media for the production of documents samples of high-quality standard documents

For this task, you are to complete the following activity to demonstrate your ability to manage business document design and development.

To prepare for the task, complete the following actions to establish the documentation standards:

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  1. Identify, and document, the organizational and legislative requirements for information entry, storage, output, and quality of document design and production
  2. Evaluate the capability of the organization’s present and future information technology in terms of its impact on document design and production. Record the evaluation.
  3. Identify and note the types of documents used and required by the organization
  4. Considering the information, budget, and technology requirements, establish and record documentation standards and design tasks for organizational documents Manage the template design and development through the following actions:
  5. Design the standard formats and templates for each document, ensuring these suit their purpose, audience, and information requirements
  6. Review the document templates to ensure that they enhance readability and appearance, and meet organizational requirements for style and layout. Document this review, providing any template updates.
  7. Test the templates, obtain organizational and user feedback, and make amendments as necessary to ensure there is maximum efficiency and quality of the template presentation. Record any organizational and user feedback, and provide any amended templates. Perform the following actions to develop a standard text for documents:
  8. Identify and evaluate the complex technical functions of the software for their usefulness in automating aspects of standard document production, matching the requirements of each document with these software functions to allow efficient production of documents. Document this evaluation and the matched software functions and requirements.
  9. Test the macros to ensure they meet the requirements of each document in accordance with documentation standards. Document the testing outcomes. To develop and implement strategies to ensure the use of standard documentation:
  10. Using the content, format, and language style to suit existing and future users, prepare explanatory notes for the use of standard templates and macros
  11. Develop and implement training on the use of standard templates and macros, and adjust the content and level of detail as needed to suit user needs
  12. Produce master files, and circulate, name, store, and print copies of the templates and macros in accordance with organizational requirements
    Develop and implement strategies for the maintenance and continuous improvement of the standard documentation through the following actions:
  13. Monitor the use of standard documentation templates and macros, evaluating the quality of the documents produced against the documentation standards. Record the evaluations.

Review the documentation standards against the changing needs of the organization, and plan and implement improvements in accordance with organizational procedures. Document this review and any improvements implemented.

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