BSBCMM401: Choose 2 Topics Relevant to your Area of Training or Study Relating to e.g. Workplace Health and Safety, Staff Training, New Technology, Product and Service Knowledge: Make a Presentation Assignment, VU, Australia

University Victoria University [VU]
Subject BSBCMM401: Make a Presentation

PART A – Prepare a presentation

  1. Choose 2 topics relevant to your area of training or study relating to e.g. Workplace Health and Safety, Staff Training, New Technology, Product and Service Knowledge or similar. Prepare 2 presentations – 1 for each topic.
  2. 1 presentation must use Microsoft PowerPointor similar with a minimum of 10 slides.
  3. Presentation 1 shall have a maximum of 5 minutes duration.
  4. Presentation 2 shall have a maximum of 10 minutes duration.
  5. Provide an overview of your target audience(s).
  6. List the presentation aids you will use for each presentation.
  7. Provide a description of room set-up for each presentation (configuration/room type, etc.)
  8. Who needs to be briefed (people who may assist you, co-presenter, etc.)
  9. Provide an overview of any adjustments you may need to make for people with a disability or to overcome cultural barriers or specific needs. Note: If your presentation does not require any adjustments, then explain why it does not need any adjustments and also provide an example of a presentation issue that would require an adjustment.
  10. Research your chosen topics and include legal considerations which must be considered for each of your presentations.
  11. Attach the support material you require for each presentation including alist where you have sourced this information.
  12. Produce a draft including a time schedule for each presentation – this may include cues and other notes from your PowerPoint presentation (what will happen, when and how – what techniques will be used)
  13. Develop a questionnaire which you will hand out to your audience to evaluate your presentation including:
  14. Topic and information
  15. Presentation style
  16. Delivery Methods and Techniques
  17. Aids and materials used
  18. Your personal attributes as a presenter
  19. Suggestions for improvement etc.

PART B – Deliver a presentation

Based on the preparation and planning document from PART A you now need to deliver your presentations as instructed by your trainer.

The key criteria that you must consider when delivering your presentation include:

  • Explain and discuss desired outcomes of the presentation with the target audience
  • Use presentation aids, materials and examples to support the target audience understanding of key concepts and central ideas
  • Monitor non-verbal and verbal communication of participants to promote attainment of presentation outcomes
  • Use persuasive communication techniques to secure audience interest
  • Provide opportunities for participants to seek clarification on central ideas and concepts, and adjust the presentation to meet participant needs and preferences
  • Summarise key concepts and ideas at strategic points to facilitate participant understanding

Your assessor will be observing you for the required skills

  • culturally appropriate communication skills to relate to people from diverse backgrounds and people with diverse abilities
  • facilitation and presentation skills to communicate central ideas of a message in an informative and engaging manner, and to utilise verbal and non-verbal techniques to sustain participant engagement
  • literacy skills to prepare presentation information and to write in a range of styles for different target audiences.

PART C – Review the presentation – Summary

Based on the preparation and planning document from PART A and the delivery of your presentation in PART B you now need to conduct a feedback and evaluation process.

For this, you need to inform your audience that you will be asking a few questions verbally to find out their reactions to and opinions of the presentation. You could use a co-presenter or other assistant to record the feedback.

Use the list of questions that you had prepared in PART A to elicit feedback from your audience, making note of their responses.

Use the feedback form or evaluation questionnaire that you developed in PART A and hand this out to all the participants in your audience including your assessor.

Allow your audience(s) 5 mins to complete the feedback form(s).

Collect all the feedback forms from your audience and analyse and evaluate these.

Write a short summary of your analysis outlining the following aspects:

  1. Explain why you have conducted this feedback/evaluation and how it will benefit you to improve your presentation
  2. Explain how and why have you developed this feedback/evaluation form or questionnaire
  3. Do you think this evaluation/feedback form or questionnaire is the most appropriate technique to review the effectiveness of your presentation?
  4. Has this evaluation/feedback form or questionnaire assisted you in collecting the desired feedback from your audience?
  5. Explain the best features of your presentation that were
  6. Explain what the areas of improvements suggested by participants were
  7. Explain how you will utilise this feedback from the audience and your assessor and take it into consideration to improve your presentations in the future

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