You are a Support Worker for a Mental Health agency and a woman named Zeinah: Mental Health Case Study, OUA, Australia

University Open Universities Australia (OUA)
Subject Mental Health

Case study

You are a Support Worker for a Mental Health agency and a woman named Zeinah comes in with two children, a girl, seven (7) years old, and a boy, ten (10) years old. Zeinah’s family emigrated from Syria one (1) year ago after experiencing significant trauma when the village she, and her extended family lived in, was bombed and destroyed. She also experienced religious discrimination daily as she was part of the religious minority in her country. She tells you that her landlord has received a number of complaints from other residents in the complex, about the smell of her cooking. Zeanah tell you she has decided to no longer pay her rent in defiance. Zeinah’s daughter Maya and son Jabi have not attended school for two (2) weeks.

Zenith believes that the children no longer need to go to school because she can educate them far better at home by herself. Zeanah states her sister Atifa and brother-in-law Hadi, are telling her they are concerned about the way she is acting, and how her behavior is affecting the children. They are her only family connection in Australia and up until now, they have supported her. Her sister Atifa is her carer.

Zeanah tells you that she has not been taking her medication for Bi-Polar Disorder because she has lost her Health Care card eligibility with Centrelink and can’t afford to pay for medication. Zeanah has identified that she is afraid that she will lose the support of her sister and brother-in-law because of all the issues she is experiencing. She says she is scared she will be left alone with the children in this new country.

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