BSBDIV501: Review Your Existing Diversity Policy In The Workplace: Manage Workplace Diversity Assignment, HI, Australia

University Holmes Institute
Subject BSBDIV501: Manage Workplace Diversity

Your  Tasks

1. Go to the website identify the purpose of the following Acts – what is covered, who does this apply to, and what is the relevance in a workplace?

2. Age Discrimination Act

3. Disability Discrimination Act

4. Racial Discrimination Act

5. Sex Discrimination Act

6. Australian Human Rights Commission Act

Current projects that have been implemented as part of the national strategies for each of the following acts can be found in the relevant areas of Review these current projects and analyze the key factors and campaigns which would be beneficial and could be adapted for managing a diverse workplace. Which potential benefits for a workplace can you find in each of these projects?

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1. Age Discrimination Act

2. Disability Discrimination Act

3. Racial Discrimination Act

4. Sex Discrimination Act

Choose 1 of the following options:

1. Review your existing diversity policy in the workplace (if one exists) and compare what is included to what should be included. Identify what is potentially lacking and which of the aspects you have researched could be included

2. Given consideration to the requirements you have identified in Question 1 and the positives you have analyzed and identified in Question 2; develop a diversity policy that sufficiently covers all aspects required to manage diversity in a contemporary, modern workplace that fosters effective communication and promotes harmony and an inclusive team

3. Develop a bullying/harassment policy that can be used in your workplace. The policy needs to include:

a) The legal requirements set out by law

b) Examples of what is defined as bullying and harassment and what is not

c) A clear statement that will outline the processes and procedures to be followed in case of any incident including the stages of informal and formal procedures

d) A statement regarding how you will implement this policy in the workplace and ensure that staff are trained and aware on an ongoing basis, as part of an integrated consultation process

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