Describe The Importance Of Preventive Maintenance: Cyber Security Devices And Network Maintenance Assignment, USA, Australia

University UniSA
Subject Cyber Security Devices And Network Maintenance

Task 1: Preventive Maintenance & Troubleshooting Procedures

All PCs and Laptops must always be maintained. The JTS Manager wants to understand the importance of preventive maintenance and the process and procedures used.

1. In your own words, complete the following.

A) Describe the importance of preventive maintenance

Preventative maintenance is important for the ongoing performance of any IT device. Preventative maintenance improves device longevity, reliability, cost, and downtime. This applies to both hardware and software. For instance, a clean, thermally regulated PC runs at a better speed than a poorly maintained one. Likewise scanning the software of a PC for malware maintains speed and performance.

B) List and describe 5 hardware preventive maintenance procedures for a PC

1. Cleaning and dust removal

2. Appropriate ventilation

3. Temperature control

4. Humidity control

5. Regular internal component inspection and update

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C) List and describe the six steps or processes that can be used for Troubleshooting OS

1. Identify the problem

2. Establish a theory of probable cause

3. Test the theory to determine the cause

4. Establish a plan of action to resolves the cause

5. Verify full system functionality and if applicable, implement preventative measures

6. Document findings,, actions and outcomes

D) List and describe Three preventive maintenance techniques for software

1. Data backup

2. Regular software update

3. Third-party security software

E) List and describe Five methods for Troubleshooting network

1. Command-line tools

2. Network troubleshooting applications like packet sniffer

3. Port scanner

4. Protocol analyzer

5. Wi-Fi Analyzer

F) Hardware tools like TDR or cable testers

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Task 2: Hardware and Software Preventive Maintenance & Troubleshooting

Note: You can use any classroom PC or a home PC to simulate the scenario for Admin1_PC. It must have Windows OS installed as a minimum.

Using the procedures created in Task 1, you are now required to demonstrate the following on Admin1_PC:

1. A user has reported that some files on Admin1_PC have been corrupted.

a)  Use the check disk utility to check for errors on the SSD manually. Provide a screen capture of the successful error check.

b) Scan the drive for viruses and spyware. Provide a screen capture of the successful scan.

2. After the above problem investigation, you have decided to replace the SSD. You are now trying to restore the files to the new SSD. However, the PC does not recognize the new drive installed.

Note: You do not need to physically install an SSD

a) Identify and create a list of ALL the possible causes of the problem.

b) For each probable cause, list the solution.

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