Describe Two New Products That Are Available To Consumers Of Hospitality Products: Source And Use Information In Hospitality Industry Assignment, VU, Australia

University Victoria University [VU]
Subject Source And Use Information In Hospitality Industry

Question 1

a)     Describe two new products that are available to consumers of hospitality products.

b)    Describe two new techniques that are available in the hospitality industry.

c)     Describe two new technologies that are available in the hospitality industry.

d)    Describe two new services that are available in the hospitality industry.

Question 2

What are ten important work attributes and ethics that a worker needs in the hospitality industry?

Question 3

1. Where would you go to find out information about the following:

a) Code of practice for manual handling

b) Australian Tourist Accreditation Program

c) Information about the hotel industry in Australia

d) Information about how to deal with a tricky issue that has come up in your workplace.

e) Plain English explanation of the requirements of legislation relevant to the hospitality industry.

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f) Requirements for training in food handling

g) Union membership for hospitality workers:

2.  Provide an example of a hospitality industry journal.

3. Provide an example of a media article that provides information about trends in hospitality.

4. Provide two opportunities that hospitality workers have to network within their industry.

5. Provide an example of a time where you have had a personal experience that has influenced how you would like to conduct your own practice as a hospitality manager.

Question 4

How does the hospitality industry contribute to the Australian economy? Make sure you cite the source of your information.

Question 5

As a hospitality manager, you will need to frequently work with people from other industry groups. Explain four important characteristics that will lead to effective relationships with the following people:

Question 6

You are working in a restaurant where food and alcohol are served. A supplier has made a delivery but also asks you to give your supervisor a bag full of chocolates that are to be given out to customers as part of a promotion within the restaurant. A co-worker has seen the bag of chocolates and decides to take some for herself as they are her favorite brand. What should you do and why?

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Question 7

You are working in a hotel that contains a gaming room. Two men approach you at the bar and while you are serving them, they ask you a number of questions. These questions were general at first but then they became more specific. They asked you the following questions:

a) Has this hotel got a gaming venue?

b) Where is it?

c) What time does it close?

d) Does it have a back door?

e) Does it have security?

f) How much money do people gamble every day?

g) When the machines are emptied, how is the money handled?

h) What should you do and why?

Question 8

You are working at a bar and a group of your old school friends comes up to the bar. You haven’t seen them in a very long time and are pleased to see them. One of the groups asks you for a free drink as ‘you owe him one because he helped you once when your car had broken down.

What should you do and why?

Question 9

You are working in hospitality service and an opportunity arises for promotion. The position has been advertised externally on the internet. You have been working hard and all of your supervisors have advised you to apply for the position as you display all of the qualities, skills, and knowledge that are required. You have spent time on your resume and your application and you are aware that two other staff members are interested in the position. You all know each other well and are supportive of each other.

You arrive at work on the day of your interview. You are told that no interviews will be going ahead as the manager has decided to give the job to an acquaintance of his. It appears that he does not have relevant experience in the job.

a) Is the manager acting legally? Why/why not?

b) What options do applicants for the job have to get a fair deal?

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