Implementation Of The SFSF Program Is Broadly Similar Across Most Sites: Health Assignment, VU, Australia

University Victoria University [VU]
Subject Health

Implementation of the SFSF programme is broadly similar across most sites. Most organisations reported delivering an effective programme that engaged the community and delivered outcomes to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander men and communities. A few organisations reported difficulties in implementing the programme, mainly because they could not recruit staff and/or participants. Implementation of SFSF in one site was hampered by systemic organisation-wide issues.

SFSF organisations had similar aims, which involved using education initiatives, health services/health promotion, social and cultural opportunities and community events to highlight the important role of men in the lives of children. Specifically, organisations were seeking to empower Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander men to adopt healthy lifestyles, be an important role model and play an active role in the physical, social and cultural development of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander children.

Most organisations were implementing a range of activities and events as part of the SFSF programme. The types of events and activities provided include:

1. Education courses/workshops on topics such as parenting, early childhood development, alcohol and drugs, violence and family relationships

2.  Health services and checks which were followed up where appropriate with referrals to other services

3.  Health promotion through activities such as cooking classes, gym sessions and gardening

4.  Men’s groups and yarning sessions

5.  Cultural camps which incorporated traditional Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander culture and promotion of health messages

6.  Community-wide events such as barbeques and community fun days.
In addition to group events, many SFSF Coordinators had adopted a case management role that involved providing one-on-one support to men to assist them to overcome a range of issues so they could participate in and benefit from the programme.

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