CU1112 : Demonstrate Critical Thinking and your Ability to Illustrate the Major Connections Between Information and Society: Communication, Information and Society Essay, JCU, Australia

University James Cook University JCU
Subject CU1112 : Communication Information and Society

Sustainability in Information Agencies

Write an essay that responds to the following questions:

How can information professionals use the concept of sustainability to?

  1. Support sustainable development projects within the information society?
  2. Engage various groups of users with sustainable development projects?
  3. Make existing information agencies more sustainable from environmental, economic, and social perspectives?

This assessment is designed to allow you to demonstrate critical thinking and your ability to illustrate the major connections between information and society, and your skills in articulating a reflective approach to professional information practice.

You also need to explore and use relevant scholarly/professional literature and other resources to gain a general idea about the importance of sustainability and related concepts such as diversity.

  • Demonstrates understanding of the meaning and various aspects of sustainability and its related concepts and issues:

Explicitly demonstrates a profound understanding of sustainable development. Critically analyses the role of information professionals in this context. The analysis is well-supported with an extensive range of quality sources that have been smoothly embedded into the discussion.

  • Demonstrates critical thinking, analysis, and synthesis:

Identifies and deeply analyses relevant contemporary trends and issues about the concept of sustainability in the information society and the role of information professionals. The analysis is contextualised from various perspectives.

  • Structure and quality of argument

It is insightful, engaging and persuasive. It contains structured sections and expands on current practice using a balanced argument and evidence. Recommendations are creative and entirely based on the ideas presented.

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