PSPGEN053: Sarah has been working for the Wildspace Digital Design company for four years She has demonstrated a continuous commitment to professional: Provide leadership Case Study, NCI, Australia

University National Careers Institute (NCI)
Subject PSPGEN053: Provide leadership
  • Sarah has been working for the Wildspace Digital Design company for four years. She has demonstrated a continuous commitment to professional development over that period and has become an increasingly important member of the team. It has been noticed that new employees of the Digital Design company have been turning to Sarah for work guidance and support. She has developed a good reputation as a highly reliable employee with a good understanding of how the business works. Sarah has shown leadership potential and she has good prospects of advancement into a managerial role in the near future.
  • Ben is a highly valued employee of the Purple Platypus clothing company. He has high levels of creativity and a positive work ethic. However, growing tension has been observed between Ben and a couple of the other team members in recent times. One of Ben’s colleagues has complained about
    a personal comment that he made. There are concerns about the continued deterioration of the work team if Ben’s behavior isn’t addressed.
  • Sam has been working for Evolution Marketing for five years and has made a number of valuable contributions to the development of the company. However, the quality of his work performance has declined in recent times and customer complaints have been made. He has been observed demonstrating a poor attitude and has had difficulty working with colleagues. The management of Evolution Marketing is reluctant to release Sam from the company. However, they realize they need to address Sam’s performance issues.

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