The Financial Aspect Of Network Security More Specifically Malware: The Financial Impact Of Malware Report, RMIT, Australia

University RMIT University
Subject The Financial Impact Of Malware

Project Outline

The financial aspect of network security, more specifically malware.

Project Description/Detail

Living in this technology-advanced world, cybersecurity is no longer only for the “techies” to worry about. The rise of cybercrime is an established fact and has affected companies like Facebook, FedEx, the NHS, and so forth. The FBI has a most wanted list consisting of cybercriminals. Billions of dollars are used every year due to malware attacks. More than 9.9 billion malware attacks were recorded in 2019 with almost 440,000 different Malware variants. The likelihood of a business being impacted by an attack is therefore very high.


Clearly introducing the topic and accurately stating all actions and tasks that will be performed to address the assignment tasks. Giving a thorough overview of how the report is structured, including assumptions and/or expected challenges.

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Thoroughly explaining in detail what has been done to address the assignment tasks – accurately relating this to the tasks outlined in the introduction. Argued the reasoning behind the choices, clearly demonstrating an in-depth understanding of the topic, tasks, and results of the actions.

Demonstrating an understanding of the topic by using pictures/screenshots

Solution / Practical

Thoroughly explaining the configurations/setup and supporting all claims with very relevant screenshots. Excellent reasoning behind the choices, clearly demonstrating an excellent understanding of the topic.

Conclusion and Summary

A concise and comprehensive summary of the work done, and the conclusions made based on the findings. Clearly selecting out the highlights of the work. Reflections that show understanding of the work done – including implications and recommendations in a holistic way. The summary and conclusions are closely related to the specified actions in the introduction.


12 + highly relevant and very focused quality sources, mostly vendor-specific sources, academic sources, and books. Quotations used appropriately. Harvard Referencing standard is followed and sources are cited correctly.

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